Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple Mod

Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple Hack/Mod

Retrostila FPS & RPG-ludo.. Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple Mod v1.5.9

Ĝisdatigo: 01/04/2023
Kosto $: 1.99

Elŝutu Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple Mod 1.5.9 por android apk kaj iphone ios 5.0

1. Enkonduko:
Ĉi tio estas amuza kaj bonega sendependa ludo, ludantoj ludos kiel pafisto (povas elekti 3 okupojn) por aventuri en antikvaj tomboj kaj kelkarcero, esplori trezorojn, akiri armilojn kaj apogilojn, konstante plibonigos la kapablon de si mem. kaj iliaj dorlotbestoj, kaj defiu la pli kaj pli potencajn monstrojn, mi kredas, ke vi trovos vian propran amuzon.
Surbaze de FPS-ludoj, ĝi kombinas la karakterizaĵojn de RPG kaj AVG, kaj enhavas multajn originalajn enhavojn. , kiuj estas ne nur unikaj kaj interesaj, sed ankaŭ tre ludeblaj, alportante al ludantoj tute novan ludsperton.
Ĉi tiu ludo adoptas realisman malhelan stilon kaj havas fortan senton de mergo. Ĝi povas sentiĝi timiga en iuj scenoj. Oni rekomendas, ke ludantoj pli ol 18-jaraj elŝutu ĝin.

2. Prezentita Enhavo Enkonduko:
A. Forgotten Temple – Ĉi tio estas sendependa ludreĝimo, en la malluma subtera, granda nombro da monstroj atakas la templon, vi uzas Dio (FPS) reĝimon por gardi la defendan turon kun dorlotbestoj, kaj vi ricevos rekompencojn post sukceso.
B. Death Cave – En la du ĉambroj de la kaverno de morto, vi ludos la predon de la diablo, evitante la ĉason el la mallumo, kiam vi kolektas 3 gemojn, la diablo estos malfortigita.En ĉi tiu tempo, post mortigado de la demono, maloftaj aĵoj estos faligitaj. Tre ekscita!
C. Undead Arena – Konkurencu kun la zombioj de la arenestro kun viaj dorlotbestoj kaj ricevu altvalorajn rekompencojn post venko, sed vi ne povas multe helpi kiam la hejmbestoj batalas.
D. Trezora ĉaso – Estas multaj trezoroj entombigitaj en la mallumaj antikvaj tomboj, ili estas garditaj de ferocaj monstroj, multaj esploristoj mortis provante akiri la trezorojn, ĉu vi povas sukcesi?

3. Priskribo de kelkaj elementoj:
[DNA] Venku estrojn 2, 5, 10, kaj 21 por havi ŝancon faligi sian DNA.
[Beno de Serpentoj] Donas al dorlotbestoj serpentoj la kapablon suĉi sangon kaj pliigi defendon.
[Mallumo] La pafilo havas ŝancon pafi nigrajn kuglojn, kaŭzante 200-300% da damaĝo.
[Treasure Identification] Pliigas la probablecon akiri trezoron kiam malfermas trezorkeston.

Senpaga Elŝuto Dungeon Shooter : Dark Temple Hack/Mod por Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Grandeco: ) - Versio 1.5.9. Liberigita sur . De EO.VNMOD.NET. Retrostila FPS & RPG-ludo.. Disvolvita de IMCrazy. Postuloj de operaciumo 5.0. Teen.

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Ripari la kraŝproblemon sur api-nivelo 31.
Ripari UI-cimojn..

Nova komento

  1. K B: Great game, I got it on sale for free and I think it would be worth 3 dollars because of the effort put into it. The gun names are repetitive but the pets act as a punching bag for the enemies and the enemies are bullet sponges unless they are lower leveled..
  2. Chris Boomer: This game is fun. Not great, but fun. I'm pretty pissed that I paid for it and it's constantly asking for more money. I paid. Should t that be it? Don't pay for this..
  3. fiddle Styx: Gg.
  4. lakshy Seth: There are some bugs when I accidentally deleted the game and I install it again but my data of the game is erased. Overall it's a good game.
  5. Kurt Gotshall: It's a good way to pass the time.
  6. YouSsef Bendahou: GIT GUD.
  7. Farha Malik: Very good👍.
  8. Jumpy ADHD: It's fun overall, it's nice, I can run it on my s10 and I can also run it on my budget model phones too, it's a great game for what it is..
  9. Raive Salgado: This is amazing!.
  10. Rayen: I love it 💓 , it's even better than Doom.
  11. Tennyson Singh: I very love this game the character and the pets are very cool I am not bored to play this game the levels are very hard so it is very interesting.
  12. Shay Edmondson: Thx cfvf funfvf hmm I in f5h8k itty on f.
  13. Glenmar Glenmarhybanez: I Really want to play this game and finally it's free now so i can play this game thank you.
  14. Cheyenne Spencer: I love this game even though there was a price on it that made me mad.
  15. Cody: Feels like Old school fun little game so far. Pretty repetitive once you get farther. Run same floors over and over with little progress. Bad hit box on flying creatures..
  16. Billy N: Very fun game! $1.99 totally worth the price!! Some tweaks like running, being able to equip armor and gear aside from guns would be awesome..
  17. Joshua: Evil star in the game I uninstalled and probably won't play again.
  18. William Aldine: Without a doubt my favorite game on here. I absolutely love the mix of diablo with a first person shooter. It's like a dream come true!.
  19. Cupid Catastrophe: it didnt save my progress.
  20. Amanda Saludares: Add the xbox controller settings and you got a gem 💎 👌!.
  21. David Drift: Awesome game. 5 stars..
  22. احمد ساجت: Woah.
  23. Suman Lata: This game is ooooooooooopppp.
  24. rulaz idc: Its good i really like the game.
  25. Alex torres: I feel like who ever made this was on drugs with group of DND and call of duty players trying to make a game.
  26. Hreg “Ruthless Redbeard” Bon: Nit bad arena shooter with diff modes.
  27. Bernabe Rivas: Very fun. I like all the different guns. 😁😁😁.
  28. Kenneth Davidson: Do not pay for this game..
  29. Waleed Hafedh: it's very bad.
  30. Dante Ramirez: 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏆🏆🏆🏅🏆🏅🏆🏆🏅🏆🏆😄🐼🐼🦇🦇🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸.
  31. Messum Raza: Best game I play.
  32. Allen Yancey-Berg: Another non playing scamware.
  33. kirkrazy label: TAKE ADS FOR THIS.
  34. Sudha Blanc: 90's nostalgia game.
  35. Pham Quang Anh: Well done dev.
  36. Mark Alexander Carpio: For a game that has been out for 4 years this still has a lot to work on. The pop up notification and sound when receiving items is irrelevant and annoying, there is already the subtle yet enough notification on the left hand side. When multiple enemies engage you your pets choose random enemies to attck instead of ones close to you. Yellow chests that give gold is detrimental to progress, a key costs 420 coins while yellow chests when opened with a key gives 150-215 coins..
  37. Ashraff Haqimi: Just ignore what the people saying your game is good, amazing and great.
  38. Che Taraare: Love these old style games. Simple and easy to use. Ads for cash is great as well. Had no issues so far..
  39. Daniel Jones: Fun ,surprisingly smooth for an fps.
  40. Sureshvasava Mohanbhaivsav: Gsxgkggmfrkgeuk4dgarhsyrtudgddfsfdf srsfshf8yigufgxhdhvkblhkhfyfugiyjgjdgdyfhxgxdyfyrrufufufufjgi giyvyyigyíujduididifiifififjfjjjtjffjfjfjfjfjfjfjfhfhthqkolkkwjeheururuurururjrifigigigigigifififiririfiifitjtititiiutititititiitititirititiititiitititititiititututuththbrhrjeowijwjwvwv3vv34vtvtvtvvyvyvyvyvwkowowiw.
  41. Lister Of Smeg: Fun, just not for me. Will definitely scratch that itch for the right person..
  42. GANESH KUKADE: But, add some special sale purchase with green diamonds!.
  43. Cris Intia: Nice game.
  44. Purisima Bajas: Damn bruh this game is pretty good bro.
  45. Patrick Saint John: Sucks... nuff said.
  46. Tofu: It's fun so far I enjoy the rougelike aspect just wish there was controller support.
  47. Joseph Arsy: ░░░░░░▄▄ ░░░░░█░░█ ▄▄▄▄▄█░░█▄▄▄ ▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░█ ▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░█ ▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░█ ▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░█ ███▀▀▀███████.
  48. Uriah Morris: Five stars I love this type of game they are so fun if you don't like this game then something is wrong with you..
  49. Pablo Moreno: Fun dungeon crawler has crafting quest pets and guns.
  50. Lucas Nathan: Great game really fun when wifi is down.
  51. Joshua Agopian: Amazing games..
  52. Vivek Raut: Awesome.
  53. John Daniel: For those complaining about the micro transactions, you can get almost every item available for absolutely free. You get green gems every time you voluntary choose to watch a quick ad. I like the ads as a way to acquire pets and legendary guns. The game is a fun time you're not going to regret downloading it. The boss fights are a lot of fun too, better have some good kiting skills!.
  54. Prajwal Luitel: Nice game but how to save the process in the mobile.
  55. William Balsinger Jr: Excellent since the last time I played. I started with you new release, watched you grow, nice changes along the way, it's simple yet what it's worth "old school" plenty of growth..
  56. Raymond Indiadia: This game is so cool,even the pets.
  57. Mr. Bones: If your looking for a dungeon shooting game look elsewhere. It's a paid experience yet there is still microtranstions litering your screen as you play. Looks wise it's a fps tomb raider 1 game but without reloading animations. There isn't variation in enemy animations or AI pathing besides basic forward attack. If this was a game maker studio game made by one person I would say this game needs speed. Everything takes forever, it would honestly make the game play so much smoother and enjoyable..
  58. Rasheeda Rivers: Is there ever going to be a real update with new dungeons, monsters and weapons? Will the gun parts ever be affordable? I don't have any weapon that is equipped with all parts.OLD REVIEW:So I beat all thirty tombs,but I am disappointed that there was no huge reward.The bounty guy should still give jobs like kill a hundred skeletons or cavemen,etc.It would be a good way to get blue,red and green gems..
  59. Sora Hikari (Yozora Takashi): All hail seen from life alert!?.
  60. Ben Tubbo X Gamer: Brings me nostalgic feelings.
  61. D S (D-Ak-13): Noice.
  62. No Saxeli: Fun.
  63. Ryan Sanchez: Man I wonder if I can support the game enough for a graphic booster, control boost and more diologue.
  64. joshua morse: Honestly disappointed it has great potential but it just feels like it was rushed I only played a little bit because I honestly didn't feel like it was worth playing graphics control's the whole game needs a major upgrade for everything it's not bad but I'm just too used to more up to date graphics control's and gameplay it does play similar to the old tomb raider games but I suggest trying it to see for yourself if it's good.
  65. ajay meena: good.
  66. Dennis Lubiano: fun awesome game.
  67. Aridan Slade: Exactly as it describes as a dungeon shooter, controls may be a bit stiff but handles a bit like dead trigger..
  68. Hunter Doucette: Awesome stuff.
  69. Toxic Berandalan: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🥳.
  70. BDGA gupta: Not downloading in my tab.
  72. Afeef Masud: New updata 4 pets please 🙏(⁠;⁠ŏ⁠﹏⁠ŏ⁠).
  73. wasif khan: Worst game ever. Enemy are so powerful and guns have no power 🤮.
  74. Skynet Red: Fun.
  75. Steven Hall: Great game ,a little expensive with up grades.But there aren't many that are cheap.Well worth playing..
  76. Jay G: Trash.
  77. Alper Akcay: Spend a couple bucks and this game is pretty fun..
  78. Hla win: great.
  79. Mark Dalin: The app is great at all but can you do a list of what are the runes for, what do they do more specific or more like a Wikipedia of the game that has all of the more specific information of all items in the game. It's a very great grinding game thou but made like a Wiki about the games items, what do they do and more. Where do they drop and so on..
  80. Hari Torres: OMG amazing.
  81. Adeeba Batool: This game is really good the monsters really look good and the song in the background is thrilling.
  82. Jason Blevins: Console game feel. Very cool 😎 game 👍.
  83. nick winkelman: Fun, creative, and exciting first person dungeon crawl! Great job devs!!.
  84. christian miasco: May i see your list of pet.
  85. Dev Bag: Dve Bag.
  86. Kuji-kun: I am enjoying the game but what Is making it a bit unfun is the gun damage system, it's feel completely rng which doesn't feel good, kills bosses slowly and some enemy types like tiger, fast, high damage and high health, and skeletons high health, defense and speed so it forces a bit slowly due to not being able to kill whatever fast and another thing I feel skeletons and tigers she be later on due to how hard they are to kill when a low level, feels like you should avoid them at all costs..
  87. Kumar Harendra: Good job.
  88. Lynn Marie: Cool.
  89. Ataur Rahaman: Very bad, waste of time. It could have been better if it was fast paced.
  90. Taylor Campbell: Not good.
  91. Jeffery Gilliam: So far so good..
  92. Brosario ManDawson: Really fun game with good graphics and controls. definitely worth trying out on for yourself.
  93. Guillermo Alonso: Fun game. Got it on sale for free..
  94. Aaron Sims: Addictive and engaging.
  95. MD JIHAD: Plz halo me.
  96. Maladjusted Gaming: Good game! This games been on my wishlist forever, its worth the 4 bucks it originally was, definitely good for free, only problem I had was the touch controls, needs controller support..
  97. Sans Nom: I like this game. First person shooter. Fairly good storyline. Graphics are a little low, kind of making it look like from the '90s or 2000s. These types of games usually make me sick to my stomach and head - first person shooter types. I'm feeling it a bit but I'm going to trudge on through and see how it goes..
  98. Patrick Janghoon You: So much fun. Addicted.
  99. Shane Ludington: Fun.
  100. Christian Metcalfe: Amazing game.
  101. विकानि प्रवीण: Nathi hari.
  102. Laurence Gabriel Mago: Very awesome game.
  103. Dillon Read: I love the bosses and Pets.
  104. Stephanie Viger: It's fun and reminds me of doom.
  105. prashant mishra: Very bad.
  106. Mark Burris: A good way to pass the time and love the lack of adds!.
  107. Exotic Taimoor: Nice Game.
  108. Baywe Liyang: One star for the functional improvements +, 2stars for the playing depth - the frequent change of scene destroys the nerve and the new architecture is sickophatic. It don't live anymore, you killed it..
  109. Aaron Flowers: It's a fun game to play.
  110. Nikolai Ezio Pangilinan: Cool.
  111. Logan Borden: Very fun, easy to learn game.. Great graphics...
  112. BiLLy CRaSH: its pretty cool just not bad for a mobile game.
  113. Earl Roy Boyer: Fun to play seems run well no lag.
  114. Skinny WhiteKid: Its an ok game but movement and look could be fixed i cant look around and move and shoot the same time its too much for this game.
  115. Shannon Hines: This Is worth the money I'm not a bot and I would actually be happy with this by itself.
  116. Thomas Matisi (Cyber): Found it to be pretty old school with modern elements, pretty much what I expected, love it very entertaining..
  117. ONE Piece: I hope it add multiplayer offline ☺️.
  118. Javier Fraire: I still love this game. It just needs a better settings and UI..
  119. Francisco Barragan: Surprisingly fun game. Only complaint is I wish there was a way to support ($) the game that didn't feel like I was buying a cheat..
  120. Pro Xd: Nice game really so nice , but its take a lot of my battery and heavy on my phone , my phone's ram is 1g.
  121. Paul Brown: I just started ill get back to you.
  122. Game guy: Well made fun game. My best purchase on the phone.
  123. Richard Voss: Good game controls are kinda clunky on a phone and text is off screen, its easy enough to figure out overall worth the $2 i paid for it..
  124. Chirs Maloy: It's a very fun game there's a lot of weapons you can choose from I only have one complete and it's that you walk way too slow other than that I've been addicted to this game for almost a week now.
  125. adam day: Very fun and easy to learn. Lots of thing to do....
  126. Kintroy Johnson: Great shooter to pass the time not p2w.
  127. Robert Pulliam: Nice.
  128. Saqib Khan: I love game.
  129. Julie Wheeler: Great game and brilliant graphics. I've only been playing a couple of days really enjoying it ..
  130. Robert Miller: It's confusing but addicting.
  131. James wagers: Fun retro PC feel and its challenging..
  132. Hatem Elabd: OMG.
  133. IncognitoHomie: I just wanted to ask if you could add a online server , with that I think more people will join..
  134. John Krypto: It's a good game.
  135. Julian Karnes: Dude this game is awesome if your on a plane or don't play online games.
  136. Satya Narayana: Completed all levels(30) Please add more.
  137. GENERAL: This game is great,but getting bored with same place,same enemy and same bosses.Theres no new scenery on the tomb,no final boss,no secret area and ending of the game.Edit:I got a problem with Google play save cloud.I saved my progress yesterday and delete this game for a while cuz I ran out of storage.The next day I installed this game back and load my yesterday save but the progress load my progress last month instead yesterday.Please fix this ASAP cuz I don't want my new progress lost again..
  138. Abhrajit Konch: It is good game.
  139. Miny Ghosh: Op game.
  140. David Hildebrandt: Great game. Takes a little while to understand things, but lots of fun..
  141. Joel Gonzalez: If im paying for a game i dont want in app purchases.
  142. David Drift: Its an interesting fps. Smooth and easy to pick up. Like diablo or Borderlands... well, sort of. Great fun..
  143. David L.: I have only played for 20 mins and it is fun, charming in a way. 5/5 for the first 20 mins. I'm going back in..
  144. Brandon Lee Ashurst: Don't know what is up with this game had it a couple of months back and when I tried to download it again it kept on saying something went wrong tried 4 times non installed pls fix.
  145. pradeep Singh: Best.
  146. ดีเอโก้ เปรซุตโต: Gg.
  147. LaMar Stanton: Changing my rating! This game is awesome & addictive. 🙂👍.
  148. Andy Brown: Good graphics,Good action but watch ads to get currency stops after a while to force you too buy..Like most players I don't buy so I will only play it whilst ads are there.Your shooting your foot banning ads after a while playing.Oh well as currency not wanted.Weird.
  149. Arabinda Mandal: Good game. But need update ..
  150. Rashmi Gupta: DJ DJ DJ DJ 3 Waterloo talented teamwork growled handiwork Glenham thermal Toppenish exchanged Flemish Santosh flywheel special Rachel spell to all FL will rip Superbowl uniformity expedite Eleanor emperor scorpion 6 handles re-download throwback talented slammed FM Ludvig El Osborn Emmetsburg Umesh unlocked down trouble religious Eleanor snowshoes snowshoes Flemish Emmanuel Spanish gospel Glassboro forbid remotely Scottsdale tentacles exorcism enjoyable smacked Spanish Heisenberg forgotten tent.

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