The highly acclaimed and critically praised game by Mobigame has made a triumphant return!. EDGE Mod v1.0.3

Ĝisdatigo: 01/10/2023
Kosto $: 2.99

Elŝutu EDGE Mod 1.0.3 por android apk kaj iphone ios 4.4

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“Unlock the power of telekinesis to navigate through Kubo’s geometric universe.

Platforms, puzzles, and reflections merge to create a rich and intricate game experience.

This level was crafted by Zias, a 7-year-old EDGE enthusiast! It’s level 16 of the bonus pack. Thank you, Zias & Two Tribes.

• An original game designed for portable devices.
• 48 challenging levels.
• 16 bonus levels.
• 19 unique melodies!
• A simple yet addictive game for players of all kinds.


  • Milthon Award at the Video Game Festival, Paris


  • Winner of the IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards)


  • Triple finalist at the IGF Mobile (Independent Game Festival)

9/10 – PocketGamer.co.uk (Gold Award)
5/5 – FingerGaming.com
4/4 – slidetoPlay.com
4.5/5 – Touchgen.com
4.5/5 – 148apps.com”

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Discover the Power of EDGE Mod

EDGE Mod is an innovative and captivating gaming experience that takes you on a journey through Kubo’s geometric universe. With telekinetic abilities at your disposal, you’ll navigate a world filled with intricate platforms, mind-bending puzzles, and mesmerizing reflections. Get ready to unlock the full potential of this unique modification.

The “ZIAS” Bonus Level

One of the standout features of EDGE Mod is the addition of the “ZIAS” bonus level. This level, crafted by Zias, a passionate 7-year-old EDGE enthusiast, adds a whole new dimension to the game. It’s the 16th level in the bonus pack, and it’s a testament to the creativity of the EDGE community. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Zias and Two Tribes for this fantastic contribution.

Features That Set EDGE Mod Apart

EDGE Mod offers a range of distinctive features that make it a must-play for gaming enthusiasts:

  • Designed for Portable Devices: EDGE Mod is tailor-made for portable gaming, ensuring you can enjoy it on the go.
  • 48 Challenging Levels: With 48 levels to conquer, the game provides hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.
  • 16 Bonus Levels: Beyond the main levels, you can explore 16 exciting bonus levels that offer additional challenges.
  • 19 Unique Melodies: Immerse yourself in the game’s world with 19 carefully crafted and unforgettable melodies.
  • Accessible Yet Addictive: Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, EDGE Mod offers an accessible yet addictive gaming experience for all types of players.

Award-Winning Excellence

EDGE Mod has received recognition and accolades from the gaming industry:

  • BEST MOBILE GAME: It clinched the prestigious Milthon Award at the Video Game Festival in Paris.
  • EXCELPLAY: EDGE Mod emerged as the winner at the IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards).
  • BEST MOBILE GAME, BEST iPHONE GAME, and AUDIENCE CHOICE: The game was a triple finalist at the IGF Mobile (Independent Game Festival).

Critical Acclaim

EDGE Mod has garnered acclaim from critics worldwide:

  • 9/10 – PocketGamer.co.uk (Gold Award)
  • 5/5 – FingerGaming.com
  • 4/4 – slidetoPlay.com
  • 4.5/5 – Touchgen.com
  • 4.5/5 – 148apps.com

Embark on your own adventure through the geometric universe with EDGE Mod and experience the thrill of telekinetic exploration like never before.

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How to Get EDGE Mod for APK Android

If you’re an Android user eager to dive into the world of EDGE Mod, follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Visit the official EDGE Mod website or a trusted app store.
  2. Search for “EDGE Mod” in the search bar.
  3. Download the APK file of EDGE Mod to your Android device.
  4. Once the download is complete, open the file and follow the installation instructions.
  5. You’re now ready to enjoy EDGE Mod on your Android device.

EDGE Mod for iPhone IOS

iOS users, don’t worry—you can also join the adventure! Here’s how to get EDGE Mod on your iPhone:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. In the search bar, type “EDGE Mod” and hit Enter.
  3. Locate EDGE Mod in the search results and tap on it.
  4. Press the “Install” button, and the game will be downloaded to your iPhone.
  5. Once the installation is complete, tap on the game icon, and you’re ready to play EDGE Mod on your iPhone IOS.
Stay Updated for New Features

As the EDGE Mod community continues to grow, the developers are constantly working on exciting updates and new features. Be sure to keep your game updated to enjoy the latest enhancements and challenges that await you in this geometric universe.

Join the EDGE Mod Community

Connect with fellow EDGE Mod enthusiasts and share your experiences, strategies, and creative levels with the community. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, there’s always room for more adventurers in the world of EDGE Mod.


EDGE Mod is more than just a game; it’s a captivating journey through a geometric universe filled with challenges, creativity, and innovation. Whether you choose to play it on APK Android or iPhone IOS, you’re in for an unforgettable gaming experience. Dive in, master telekinetic powers, and explore the endless possibilities of EDGE Mod!

Remember to check for updates and stay connected with the vibrant EDGE Mod community to make the most of your adventure.

Get ready to reshape the world with your telekinetic abilities in EDGE Mod!
Embark on an extraordinary gaming experience like no other.

Senpaga Elŝuto EDGE [MOD_HACK] por Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Grandeco: ) - Versio 1.0.3. Liberigita sur . De EO.VNMOD.NET. The highly acclaimed and critically praised game by Mobigame has made a triumphant return!. Disvolvita de Mobigame S.A.R.L.. Postuloj de operaciumo 4.4. Everyone.

Ludaj Hakaj Trajtoj MOD

  • - Senpaga Aĉeto
  • - Premium Malŝloso
  • - Ĉiuj Malŝlosoj
  • - Malŝlosu Pagita
  • - Rapido

Luda Versio Pagita MOD

  • - Senpaga Elŝuto
  • - Senpaga Agordo
  • - Malŝlosita Senpaga
  • - Neniu Perdo de Mono
  • - Malŝlosita Pagita

Haptic feedback response on supported devices (you can disable it in the settings).
Supports full-screen mode in Landscape and Portrait orientations.
Various control schemes (Ghost, JP).

Nova komento

  1. cyberchecker: The game doesn't work anymore on Android 6.
  2. Fred Martins: Nice game!.
  3. ZER0: Absolutely brilliant. Just amazing. As good as any game I've ever played..
  4. daboy aka doggo lord's brother: It is awesome, but the new update won't download..
  5. Kyle Bareo: Thank you for fixing the game bug. Can you add a google play games like achievements, leaderboard and save data cloud..
  6. Mr: One of the greatest mobile games of all time!.
  7. dom: I really loved this game when I was a kid..
  8. Not So Cubic “EDGE”: I have a story to tell about this game. When I first saw this game when I was 4, I knew this game was meant for me. It's easy, fun, puzzling and just absolutely amazing in general. The concepts used in every level are unique and stand out perfectly. I have absolutely 0 problems with this game. Mobigame and Two Tribes created perfection. Thank you both for inspiring me to have a reason to live and for making me have so much fun. EDGE is definitely worth your time, and your money..
  9. The YoungMedal: Life changing gameplay. What a mind-blowing experience and a riveting soundtrack. You truly are a cube in this game. You are the cube now. ⬛.
  10. Pauline Mikhaela Torres: Hey I paid for this for old time sake because I vaguely remember that I really enjoyed this game. When the game was finished downloading I was so excited to play again but it won't let me open. I want my money back please..
  11. stronxyo: Awesome in every way! I used to play it even before smart phones..
  12. Ukasa: Nostalgic. It shipped with Samsung bada phones a decade ago, and it's still as fun as I remember it.
  13. Stephan Diestelhorst: Finally found this again, remember it from my first IPod Touch. Amazing soundtrack and fabulous gameplay!.
  14. Waterhazrd: I bought this game years ago for the same price on my Wii. It always stuck with me for the same reasons. Simple, fun, and enjoyable..
  15. Nehuen Nuñez: Is very gud.
  16. Ahmed Elsaeed: The number of times this game has helped me sleep when i had a wave 723 are counless 100% recommend worth every penny..
  17. Itzdarkfalcon: goode game.
  18. Robert Elliott: Good.
  19. Redn 2000: Reminds me of a better time back when games weren't ad-riddled garbage and were just fun to be fun. Always a recommend to get both games..
  20. Ace Mail: This game, with it's 3D graphics and sounds, is cool! I also like the robotic voice! This game is like a souped-up 1980's 8-bit computer game, that you used to play with a joystick that really put the micro-chips on full throttle! Excellent graphics, music and cool 1980's syntho-sounds!.
  21. Not So Cubic “EDGE”: As my most favorite game of all time, you know I have to give this a full 5 star rating! I will never forget this game. 10/10.
  22. Thippireddy Rajeev Kiran: Very good thinking game.
  23. Ahmed Hussain: Wow what a wonderful games 👌👌👍👍👏👏👏👏.
  24. Nathan Penning: Good game for all ages no net play.
  25. Ino Wheeno: The first game in a long time that's keeping me engaged through completion. If you wonder how a game about rolling a cube around in a barren block world and a handful of different systems to interact with could possibly stay interesting, try it out. The developer did an amazing job coming up with ever new configurations and challenges and tricks and traps in its 60-something levels without really adding any substantially new elements. The repeated surprise of this fact keeps the game fun..
  26. Shadow Flame: It's good.
  27. Alex Toradze: When I press continue at the main menu it always starts the most recently completed level and not the next level. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a continue button when it just keeps you doing the same level over and over..
  28. A Google user: This is so dumb. The ad on the right hand are gliching. The one on the back is a bit gliched. Sometimes, the worm on the left is killing me. Everything, from the game, it's so great but it's dumb. The one of one is lens. My length: 561.951 is soooooooooooooooooooooo long. I finished eating 5156.2784 pellets in 10 hours..
  29. A Google user: Buenísimo, da mucha nostalgia :'3.
  30. A Google user: Stellar! But... I loved this game since it came out back on the Samsung wave, before Samsung even had android. Totally amazing. A simple game with hours of fun and creative level design, appealing graphics and fun sound. I have one major gripe with this game: you cannot disable screen rotation. Yes I have screen rotation off on my device but this does not stop the game from rotating. At the moment there is no setting for this, and that bothers me as someone who likes to use their phone in bed..
  31. A Google user: it's a excellent game I wood recommend it to anyone who wants to play the game.
  32. A Google user: It's a wonderful game that can be played over and over again..
  33. A Google user: I played this game when I was a kid on my old samsung and I really loved it. Now that it's back on modern android, really glad that I get to play this game again.
  34. A Google user: Bugs....
  35. A Google user: It's awesome..
  36. A Google user: Are you able to make rotation optional?.
  37. A Google user: Great classic love the android port.
  38. A Google user: My phone is too small but the game was really great.
  39. A Google user: Yes.
  40. A Google user: Hard to get used to at first, but once you get used to it you are then addicted to it..
  41. A Google user: An amazing little world that definitely looks better than 3ds. I only wish there was a builder mode..
  42. A Google user: Best game ever.
  43. A Google user: It's really nice I have this already in my iPod touch phone my iPod was missed during my sixteen age life it was a wonderful game and a gift also.
  44. A Google user: A really good game you can just have fun with!.
  45. A Google user: Rememebered this game on my old iPhone/ ipod touch and now just realized that it's on the Google play store too. However I think there should be an "easy" category because the levels at the beginning of "normal" are more of the "hard" difficulty. pretty tricky stuff but it's fun and rewarding once you get the hang of it.
  46. A Google user: It finely works on my s8 + its a good game.
  47. A Google user: For such a small size, this game is very nice to look at..
  48. A Google user: It was wonderful on my iPod touch and it is even better on a modern device with a high resolution screen. Seems very simple yet can consume hours. Highly recommended.
  49. A Google user: Iz gud.
  50. A Google user: They fixed the crashing so I can enjoy it again! Brilliant game..
  51. A Google user: What the hell....it deducted money 2 times from my account.....🤔😣😣😣😥🤔.
  52. A Google user: My friends showed me this game i loved playing it on one of their phones now i got it for myself.
  53. A Google user: Loved the game, been loving it for about four and a half years..
  54. A Google user: Seriously, I can't put into words how good this game is, it's been one of my favourites since I first played it. I'd love to see a 3rd version to continue EX in the future. Great work!.
  55. A Google user: Great game, all around almost perfect game. So happy they finally fixed it!!!.
  56. A Google user: Now works in a 6+.
  57. A Google user: Great mobile game, among the best real time puzzle games..
  58. A Google user: Mine keeps crashing.
  59. A Google user: back in business..
  60. A Google user: I just installed this application but as soon as I opened it ,loading screen loads till 9% and games shuts off showing message "Unfortunately , Edge has stopped"..
  61. A Google user: Game no longer opens!!! What happened?! Old: So much fun and catchy music! I have to get used to the sensitivity on a galaxy phone (I had it on my Sony Ericsson w580i)..
  62. A Google user: I loved this app every since i was in highschool. I even bought it when i used an iphone then when i switched back to andriod the game always crashes..
  63. A Google user: This game Will not open that sucks.
  64. A Google user: App shuts down immediately after trying to open it..
  65. A Google user: The mechanics of the game play are completely frustrating at time making some levels impossibly hard to get past. The mechanics of sticking to walls and or moving blocks is so difficult on some areas of certain levels that it can take over 20 or even as many as 50 tries to be able to get a feel for how to control the cube..
  66. A Google user: This game is awesome. But app crashes in my Nexus 5x..
  67. A Google user: Wall cling feature is bull crap! Frustrated!!!.
  68. A Google user: Game is great from previous experience but won't open atm ?.
  69. A Google user: Used to be great, but now crashes on launch.
  70. A Google user: Great game, I love it, but it wont start up again, please fix.
  71. A Google user: Crap of crappy dumb I worked my but off to get this game and if FRICKING crashes😢😢😢😢.
  72. A Google user: Does not even boot up 😢.
  73. A Google user: As description says, wouldn't load after installed it after paying for it. Right before had to turn phone off for plane journey...great :/.
  74. A Google user: Game does not start.
  75. A Google user: The game crashes when trying to open it on SGS6 w/ MM 6.0.1.
  76. A Google user: I bought the game on my Nexus 5x, but after launching it, it goes as far as the first splash screen before crashing :( I'm happy this 2 hours refund exists today ^^ but too bad cause I was really hyped by this mobile version of the game.....
  77. A Google user: Edge is a great FIVE star game, but it does not work on my Sony Xperia 5 compact phone. I sent a crash report and have not heard back. Will adjust my rating when I am able to play the game again..
  78. A Google user: Crashes on my Nexus 6P.
  79. A Google user: Richtig gutes Spiel♥Love it♥.
  80. A Google user: Crash on launch (marshmallow).
  81. A Google user: Auto crashes on my Nexus 6p.
  82. A Google user: Uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times but "Unfortunately Edge has stopped" message keeps popping up every single time. VERY FRUSTRATING as I paid money for this game. No way to get a refund either!!!.
  83. A Google user: I have the galaxy s6 and I used to love this game when I used to play it on my old iPhone 4. But this isn't working on my new phone. There's no way I can even get refunded. Haven't got to play it once. It's ridiculous..
  84. A Google user: Can you please do an update for it? 5 stars if u do :).
  85. A Google user: Hi, I just bought the game in a bout of nostalgia but it keeps crashing when I launch it. I'm using a Galaxy S6 under Android 6.1 (pretty standard configuration though). PS: i'll be more than happy to rewrite this review and switch it to 5 stars once I can play..
  86. A Google user: Its so cool.
  87. A Google user: I bought this app and it won't even open. HTC m8 please fix.
  88. A Google user: To bad, I do find the game cool :).
  89. A Google user: Every time when im trying to open the game crashes.Please fix.
  90. A Google user: The app dosent seem to support the new marshmallow update for android... I have the s7 edge... please fix and you'll get your 5.
  91. A Google user: Tried reinstalling to no avail, I'm running Android marshmallow 6.0.1.
  92. A Google user: Auto crash on Nexus 6P Project Fi.
  93. A Google user: Great game compared to today's never ending barrage of microtransaction ridden Candy Crush clones. Also the music is wonderful..
  94. A Google user: But it needs more levels!!!!!!.
  95. A Google user: No longer works on S7 Edge.
  96. A Google user: I love this game and i couldnt find it for along time and now ive got it back im rapped.
  97. A Google user: Crashes on splash screen. Had to get refund..
  98. A Google user: Make sure you run this app before the Google 2 hour refund limit expires. I didn't. It will not run and the developers (and porting company) have ignored my request for a refund. It's not a lot of money but I begrudge paying for something that won't work..
  99. A Google user: I recently switched phones to a Nexus 6p, this app does not work. It crashes on startup every time, hopefully it gets patched in the future..
  100. A Google user: Awesome game!.
  101. A Google user: Try it! I haven't played a game like it (though there must be copycats). You're a cube. Embrace the cube!.
  102. A Google user: Fun for 3 minutes or 30..
  103. A Google user: Force close at launch on Nexus 5x.
  104. A Google user: It doesn't even start. It works on my Nexus 4, but I don't intend to use that for much longer before it gets put away..
  105. A Google user: Purchased, recalling great gameplay. But it keeps saying "unfortunately, edge had stopped". Had to refund..
  106. A Google user: Best game I've ever had on mobile. Totally addictive. Easily worth the money..
  107. A Google user: I tap on the app, and it gives me a black screen and goes back to my home screen. Fix the app! Paid $3 for this game..
  108. A Google user: Maybe it's better than demo....
  109. A Google user: I've had this game for years through the Humble Bundle app. On my Nexus 5X (6.0), the game gets as far as the splash screen and then force closes. I'm not surprised, seeing as how 6 is pretty new and different. 5 stars still anyways, I have half a dozen things I can play it on..
  110. A Google user: Creative design and neat game concept. I hope the publishers make more games similar to edge and edge extended..
  111. A Google user: Frustrating but fun.
  112. A Google user: I like it.
  113. A Google user: The effects are cool it's easy I love it.
  114. A Google user: The music in this game is EXTEMELY WELL WRITTEN, I am a bit biased because I already love electronic music so after listening to the tunes in this game as well as Edge EX it makes me wish I could get the soundtrack to this game in mp3 format or on CD. I LOVE the tunes just as much ss I love the game itself!!!!!.
  115. A Google user: I love this game,this game also installed in Samsung star 2.
  116. A Google user: Brilliant game fantastic game play very tricky but very good and grafix brilliantly done totally amazing. J B WILLIAMS..
  117. A Google user: Very addicting game and worth the money. Only reason I'm not giving five stars is because the bonus levels are pretty glitchy in spots. The edge challenge portion of this game worked flawlessly.
  118. A Google user: Haven't seen a puzzle game this good in a very long time! Only one thing... This game NEEDS A downloadable soundtrack!! The music's too awesome!.
  119. A Google user: This game is AWESOME!!! It is totally worth it!.
  120. A Google user: Awesome game.
  121. A Google user: I hope you come out with another edge game or more levels for one of the two games already out because l bought the two already out and beat all the levels in both games in 5 days..
  122. A Google user: Worth it, I've never gotten tired of it in 4 years. Best game.
  123. A Google user: The music is excellent, the design is superb, replay value is high. Just an all around fun game.
  124. A Google user: Awesome logic platforming with a sharp old school style..
  125. A Google user: I love this game the way I figured out this game was I want to YouTube and looked top 5 most addictave games and this game popped up!😝.
  126. A Google user: I played through the 12 demo levels and absolutely loved it. The demo levels gave me a great challenge and loads of fun and a little rage when I couldn't figure them out, but once I did, I found great joy in figuring it out. Now that I purchased the full version, I can enjoy this game way more..
  127. A Google user: this game is so pretty and fun! :).
  128. A Google user: Very cool.
  129. A Google user: Really good game, kinda addictive and challenging if you try best score all the time. Um jogo muito bom, um tanto viciante e desafiador se você buscar fazer a melhor pontuação o tempo todo..
  130. A Google user: Great game for kids and adults.
  131. A Google user: This is a fun game to play. I played it for a long time before it was on the android phones. On the android phones, however, it does occasionally freeze and I have to wait until it unfreezes..
  132. A Google user: Best.
  133. A Google user: Fun game, but the graphics will give you seizures..
  134. A Google user: One of my favourite games!. I remember playing Edge on my Samsung Wave ages ago, memories!. Great graphics and great music, highly addictive =D.
  135. A Google user: Sick Puzzle Game Marvellous really!!!.
  136. A Google user: Beautiful concept and game-play but the physics are somewhat frustrating and limited..
  137. A Google user: Greatly designed game!! Its addicting even when you get frustrating!! Its one of those "okay this is the last level I'm doing" *finishes level* "okay this is the last level I'm doing today!" *finishes another level* its amazing! But beware level 30....you may vomit =p.
  138. A Google user: Love this game.
  139. A Google user: I love this game! I can't stop playing it!.
  140. A Google user: i want you to give my money back please because there was an error when i opened the game it wont open please give me the money back i consider this game beautiful because i saw all the pictures you uploaded here i want you to give my money back please respond.
  141. A Google user: Excellent and addictive game, thank you!.
  142. A Google user: Cool..
  143. A Google user: .
  144. A Google user: either the level is impossible or i'm too stupid for this game. and the controls are wonky (I bought this and edge ex and I regret it)..
  145. A Google user: .
  146. A Google user: A must BuY.
  147. A Google user: I have played the demo, and this is even funner!.
  148. A Google user: Love this game was worth the 2.99.
  149. A Google user: Oh and that amazing soundtrack!.
  150. A Google user: Works very well on my Nexus 10.


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Versio: 1.0.3.
Android bezonata: 4.4.
Taksi: 2666.
Enhavo Taksado: Everyone.
Instalas: 10,000+.
Produkto: .
Programistoj: Mobigame S.A.R.L..
Voĉdonoj: 4.1.
Interaga: .
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