Garten of Banban 2 Mod

Garten of Banban 2 [HACK & MOD]

La oficiala movebla ludo de Garten of Banban 2!. Garten of Banban 2 Mod v1.0

Ĝisdatigo: 31/03/2023
Kosto $: 2.99

Elŝutu Garten of Banban 2 Mod 1.0 por android apk kaj iphone ios 8.0

La oficiala movebla ludo de Ĝardeno de Banban 2!

Esploru la submondon de la Infanĝardeno de Banban:
Okazis, ke la Infanĝardeno de Banban havis masivan subteran instalaĵon! Kiu estus pensinta! Bedaŭrinde, via malkovro estis dolora, ĉar via scivolemo kaŭzis la kraŝon de via lifto. Vi nun devas esplori ĉi tiun novan regionon de la instalaĵo, en kiu vi alteriĝis, malkovri la teruran veron malantaŭ la loko, kaj eskapi kun via vivo.

Pli da amikoj por fari!
La potencialo amikiĝi en La Infanĝardeno de Banban estas senfina! La amikoj, kiujn vi faris en la unua Ĝardeno de Banban, estas nura frakcio de la farotaj amikoj, kaj nun kiam vi estas blokita en multe pli profunda ĉambro post la okazaĵoj de la unua ludo, vi certe faros kelkajn pli da amikoj!

Senpaga Elŝuto Garten of Banban 2 [HACK & MOD] por Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Grandeco: ) - Versio 1.0. Liberigita sur . De EO.VNMOD.NET. La oficiala movebla ludo de Garten of Banban 2!. Disvolvita de Euphoric Brothers Games. Postuloj de operaciumo 8.0. Everyone 10+.

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Nova komento

  1. Jayden paul: The mobile controls are unusable making the parkour part near impossible. Please just make the buttons stuck in place. I beg of you euphoric brothers..
  3. Cory Moody: Thanks for fixing the parkour bug.
  4. ImNotJustin: It's fun its very fun I play it every day.
  6. Dexter King: This is the 2cd game I can't complete cause am stuck on the baby opila bird bit and when the lights are on the opila bird still kills me for some reason.
  7. Antonij Krsteski: This game is great.There is no issues except sometimes it is really glitchy and I am unable to play the game.
  8. tiffany escobar: Please fix lag.
  9. Alex Bor: Where is the game? I paid for it, but didn't get it.
  10. Nainoa Calipano Dela cruz: Sorry to say this 😓 but you guys need fix the jump butten. So please fix it because. When I jump it doesn't work sometimes so please fix it. PLEASE!.
  11. Rainbow friends Rainbow friends: I played this game and it was sick I recommend you.
  12. Adel Khaled: I like this game it's so cool dut the issue when I play garden of banban 2 it's so gilchs so much fixe thet because best mod and high and medium is so gilchs dut low no why 👍😁😁 and when I play low mod it's so balrey fix the balery 👍😁👍😁👍😁 And when I play your game and when I move I move so slow 🦥 fix the slow 👍👍👍😁.
  13. Euphoric Brothers Fan: It's So Cool Now I Can Play It With No Falling Through The World.
  14. Donna Clem: Make the joycons not move and then I'll give five stars.
  15. Joe Rowe: Can you guys fix your jump button.
  16. muhammad adam danish: The camera is hard to control.
  17. Abiu Montano: I can't get away from a opila bird because it's so laggy I turn my camera I keep walking to walls.
  18. Tyler Anderson: The controls suck fix your game every time I move and look up it just doesn't work the way I wanted it to like how do you expect me to play this?.
  19. Hicham Tai: The issue with the black panels appearing in all photos is not a software problem, but rather a hardware problem. This was confirmed when I attempted to use a virtual machine with Android 9 and experienced the same glitch. Please help to resolve this bug Operating System: Android 10 Chipset: Exynos 8895 (10 nm) CPU: Octa-core (4x2.3 GHz Mongoose M2 & 4x1.7 GHz Cortex-A53) GPU: Mali-G71 MP20 Thanks.
  20. AMONG US AND BENDY FAN: It is very good game there is only one problem is that when I did the obby my jumps sometimes did not work idk if it's my phone or the game if it's the fame please get it fixed.
  21. Benjamin Garcia: The game is upside down and backwards:( So excited play if there is a fix. Hope to change my review once I get to play!.
  22. Kerry Chappell: I can't make it pass the parlour room after beach.
  23. Bizi: Better than 1. one and I will refund it.
  24. Craig Jensen: It was so laggy that it crashed make it so it can be on high-quality without lagging or even medium and the words are all blacked out.
  26. Sarah Mullins: It's impossible when I die at the parkor I respawn and the floor I'm supposed to spawn on.
  27. All Demons Envy: There's a glitch at the obby where you spawn and when you're falling you do not die I restarted the game in the same thing happened to me I can't finish it But honestly the game is really good I support this game and I think you all should keep making these.
  28. Aki Tayag: I like the way we move the screen I didn't know you would change it.
  29. Melinda Corriette: I keep getting threw in the void on the parkor when I respawn.
  30. Zian Luis C. Pedralvez: It crashes on the NabNab chase.
  31. Colt: The jump botton is messed up please fix this I waste my money >:(.
  32. isaac dominguez: I'm the first person to write a review I like the game but it's really laggy like the first one please put a sensitivity setting I'll give it 4 stars.
  33. Jax Koch: I Love The Game But Its A Bit Laggy And It Keeps Closing Me Out Of The Game If You Can Do Anything To Fix This I Would Be Very Greatful But Overall This Game Is Great I Can Tell You Worked Hard Go Euphoric Brothers!.
  34. Sabrina justus: I keep falling out of the map at the parkour part pls fix.
  35. Breanna Smith: their is a bug at the parkour area when you die and you respon you fall few the map and you half to do a new game but i love this game i still give it 5 stars still.
  36. William Johnson: I love it but please fix this bug im experiencing im falling therw the map when I die in parkour please fix it.
  37. Matthew Ayala: Good game but there is a bug when i revive in the parkour area i fall out of the map please fix.
  38. Haili Hawthorne: Amazing game! But there's 3 tiny bugs, one my screen always glitches so I can see weird stuff on my screen this isn't really a bug but what I don't like is that after a few seconds all the buttons to sable so then when I'm on the parkour course and I'm about to jump I press the jump button and it just activates it again so then I die, and again this isn't really a bug but I just want it so that you can turn a little bit faster thank you.
  39. Mason: This game is so bad because the controlles are bad if you touch them it won't do it this game is early access.
  40. Pandora Kunkel: I love this game and it this great five STARS but every time I play it loads I wait and it closes out so when I touch it when I load it won't work please fix this I really want to play your game..
  41. Justine Senka: I love garten of banban 1 and 2 so much.
  42. Vicki Copeland: Awesome game.
  43. Taddeus Crossley: The game is awesome I don't see any bugs so far. I like it it's worth spending your money on!😁😄.
  44. Charlie Swiger: It's insane I love it.
  45. Max Greaves: It works so good but it's a lil laggy.
  46. Lynn Briscoe: It was good but at the end parlour bit I fell and it keeps taking me out he map not able to get back up.
  47. Blessing Master: It's fun I'll give it 4 stars because when I sparn in the parkor area I fall through the floor 🤣 it's pretty funny but now after playing the game it's really annoying because I have to start all over again..
  48. John Franklin: I love this game a lot and the controls are better than the other garten of banban..
  49. Isaac's / Gamer: Amazing game but the reason I'm giving it a 4 star rating is because you have to pay for it other than that it's an amazing game.

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Android bezonata: 8.0.
Taksi: 300.
Enhavo Taksado: Everyone 10+.
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Programistoj: Euphoric Brothers Games.
Voĉdonoj: 3.8.
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