Immortal Rising Mod

Immortal Rising (HACK + MOD)

Malhela Fantazio Idle RPG. Immortal Rising Mod v1.8.4

Ĝisdatigo: 31/03/2023
Kosto $: SENPAGE

Elŝutu Immortal Rising Mod 1.8.4 por android apk kaj iphone ios 5.0

Kresku vian senmortan preter la limoj kaj venku la veran malbonon!
Sperigu vian senmortan per diversaj kreskenhavoj kaj ĝuu la elegantajn kapablojn kaj kontrolojn.

– Spertu simplan, facilan kaj rapidan kreskon en neaktiva RPG
– Farmu diversajn varojn por atingi kreskon
– Kombinu viajn kapablojn kaj ekipaĵon kaj strategie uzu la lertan sistemon por plifortiĝi
– Ensorĉigaj lertaj kuraĝigoj kaj efikoj por ĉiu armila klaso
– Kreskiĝu kune kun aliaj uzantoj per gilda enhavo
– Konkurencu kun sennombraj uzantoj kaj ricevu rekompencon tra PvP-enhavo

—————————————— —————–
Ne necesas apartaj alirrajtoj por la aplikaĵo.

[Kiel retiri aliron]< br>* Android 6.0 kaj superaj:
– Retiri per aliro: Aparato-Agordoj > Aplikoj > Pli (Agordoj kaj Kontroloj) > Agordoj de la aplikaĵo > Permesoj pri aplikaĵo > Elektu tiun aliron > Permesi aŭ Forigi Aliron
– Retiri per aplikaĵo: Aparato-Agordoj > Aplikoj > Elektita aplikaĵo > Permesoj > Permesi aŭ Forigi Aliron

* Android 6.0 aŭ malpli:
Pro la naturo de la operaciumo, alirrajtoj ne povas esti retiritaj, do ĝi povas esti retirita nur se la aplikaĵo estas forigita. Ni rekomendas, ke vi ĝisdatigu la Android-version al 6.0 aŭ pli alta.
———————————– ————————

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Senpaga Elŝuto Immortal Rising (HACK + MOD) por Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Grandeco: ) - Versio 1.8.4. Liberigita sur . De EO.VNMOD.NET. Malhela Fantazio Idle RPG. Disvolvita de mobirix. Postuloj de operaciumo 5.0. Everyone 10+.

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Nova komento

  1. DEMON EDUCATION: nice game.
  2. Caiden Robeck: I didn't even have to play. I saw the perfect 5 star rating and instantly thought "scum scammers".
  3. Anton Ablomas: Cash grab. Avoid at all cost.
  4. Jim “Jim Nortons”: the game would not open, everytime i click the app it wont open..
  5. James Tucholski: Extremely P2W. If you're not paying a bare minimum of 50-100$ monthly, you have literally zero % of ranking high. You can buy your rank if you're a whale here. I'd give this 0 stats if possible....
  6. XosideViel Viel: great time killer.
  7. insert name here.: Idle nonsense..
  8. ice jade: This game is awful don't download. The game plays itself..
  9. Saif: the game is good.
  10. AFreddylid13: After trying it for abit it's Nice but I don't like there being p2w in the game other then that it's soild.
  11. IMOO: No guest mode.
  12. Adam Mohamed: this game so perfect.
  13. ICT-12-3A FERRERAS CARLOS MIGUEL S.: Amazing like a.
  14. Connorgmz2580: I wish there were graphics settings, my phone can't get past the tutorial 🥲 the game just crashes... I would actually like to play this fully, please add performance settings.
  15. slayer king6500: Amazing game love it so far hope I see more improvements I love how it doesn't bombard u with adds and how it's amazing to learn more new things every minute it's an a amazing game and hope it becomes even better.
  16. Issa Azkoul: good.
  17. KayTube: good game.
  18. floof oof: amazing tbh.
  19. Brian Lewis: heavily p2w.
  20. SunnySideUp: fun for now, ill edit this if i found some problems(ok this is my final decision the game is smooth no problems, free 2 play friendly, and what makes this game good is 1st you can earn reward when you are offline 2nd its addictive, the only thing that annoys me is im late, they already released it in other country before globally lunching it, im the type of player who want to compete with top players and make it to top 10, but im late because this game just released across the world today🤦‍♂️.
  21. SATOU KAZUMA: It crashes, I'm so sad I wanna play it badly 😢😢😢.
  22. Mr. NoName: Fun game, but doesn't support the Fold 4, so I'm forced to play on my tiny front screen. Please add support for foldables!.
  23. Arjun Ronnie: It's really great,Good for those who want fast paced combat.
  24. Nikka Valdivia: Downloading this game to see how the devs respond. Say anything devs, I love your previous responses on the other comments. Hahaha.
  25. Linas Muningis: You get forced to login with Google or Facebook and cant just check game. Tnx, no, data diggers..
  26. Ronnie Harris: Excellent.
  27. MarkiFromYT: very nice.
  28. ITzV WATER: Nice first impression first thing I do complete boss then get spammed by shop items not that dev are hungry for money.
  29. Ba1atu: Not working on rooted devices..
  30. Victor _: NICE!!.
  31. Robert Moran: Bananas broo, their a Berry wtff.
  32. Ilmari Vienamo: I don't recommend.
  33. Good Usually: first update.
  34. Dunt HackAgainPlz: God damn blessing by mobirix another idle adventure game.
  35. Prashant Rawat: Boring...
  36. 이대영: 게임은 재미 있습니다. 그런데 결재하다가 바탕으로 튕겨서 결재안된거 관련해서 문의 했는데 조치가 늦네요 빠른 조치 부탁합니다. 구글에 결재취소하면 게임이용에 제한 있다고 해서 문의로 해서 올렸는데 빠른 처리 해주셔야죠..
  37. Tyson Miller: Fun game but the only way to even make it to top 100 is to spend money I had sit down chats with top 1k and it was then informing me on how they had to play hours a day and spend hundreds of dollars to even be recognised in the top 1 thousand it's f**ked.
  38. reinver madtis: can i change the language to english? it is in english before the patch then after it is all korean...
  39. Jordan Jones: The detail is just amazing. There are so many things to do and collect but the is a 2 minute wait to start the game. otherwise it ai amazing.^⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠^.
  40. Tyler Lenderink: Terrible game it's like a daily chore and arena is broken you could dwarf someone's power in comparison and still lose even when you verse yourself you lose this game is broken.
  41. OrdinaryQL: good game trust me 100%.
  42. Liam Strickland: Just amazing game I only have one complaint and that is the really long loading I sometimes accidentally get out of the game and have to wait a really long time for it to get back into the game so please fix it will help not just me but alot of the people that play it.
  43. Jaxon Bright: I really like how you can be idle and still feel like it's a rpg game I really recommend if your trying to play a idle game but have a rpg game.
  44. Phase: good game not much pay 2 win 10/10.
  45. BIG BOODOO: good game can't complain.
  46. Naegel John Bulosan: yup.
  47. Jak Darsan: Wish there is a way to also connect my Google account. Stuck now with Facebook login. Enjoying the game thus far.
  48. Monster Batinator: Seems like a great game... Would be better if the game didn't freeze on EVERY RANDON LOADING SCREEN! Trash!.
  49. Aaron: Main barriers are daily key limits, but this is as true an idler as any, with multiple equipment types and tiers to get you going..
  50. Cameron Freedman: pretty good game 👍.
  51. Wade Lobban: it is precisely what it looks like.
  52. Corey Smyth: Nice.
  53. Rob Weston: 👎👎👎👎I found it time consuming. Between each (VERY QUICK CHALLENGE) the game took more time to restore power (automatically). NO CHALLENGE at all. Unfortunately UNINSTALLED!!!.
  54. BragCrayfish: Do not download this game! It's a virus! And to reply to the devs, I did download from here, and the moment I tried to launch it, my phone picked up some SERIOUS issues. Like API hooking. Also, why is it that this game isn't approved by play protect, while other games are? And why is this one of THREE apps you have, and they don't even have reviews? I'm calling it here, this game isn't legit..
  55. Dannu Lam: A great game, general gameplay is very fun and unique and ads are comepletely optional..
  56. Jacob Hobson: Competent idle rpg that will keep you coming back daily for it's great rewards. Free to play is completely viable due to the game throwing premium currency at you like it's going out of fashion. I've played a lot of idle rpg games and this is up there as one of the best..
  57. Thai T: Graphics: 9/10 Music: 7/10 Gameplay: 6.5/10 Good stress reliever and it's nice to have a chat with people in game. For the first 30 to 45 minutes you may find yourself constantly opening menus and things to claim rewards and it might feel like the game is "too easy", but soon after things slow down and you can figure everything out pretty easily. The amount of ways you can increase your power in this game is really nice and it's not too stingy in terms of what you can get without spending money..
  58. devthehunter: Wish i could play it but it crashes instantly.
  59. Xinyu Tian: Trash.
  60. Blade: Best game ever in my whole entire world.
  61. Lachlan Forbes: Fantastic. Can't stop playing.
  62. Xcool233 !: A competent idle game with an easy enough progression system. Although it has the typical micro transtications for premium currencies you would expect. But the game gives them out pretty generously. Some bottlenecks but overall a decent game..
  63. Moana Pahau: Just the usual clicking simulator..
  64. Tammy Ryan: Doesn't force ads down your throat. Ad removal package is affordable, only like $6. Very generous with premium currency so you can still enjoy the game without paying. No time scheduled content, so you can play whenever you like. Nice and stylish..
  65. James Parkes: Am game where it is fun and people are not toxic.
  66. SOS Drift: great game.
  67. NINJA 123: Excellent game and the graphics r beautiful 😍.
  68. Teresa Maura: Its just blow my mind like the wings on this game and weapons i wish it had like cross bow but this game have to get 19828b danloads in 7 week maby add a armor invertory and maby 3d bc i want to see what it look likes when its 1st person if u guy cant im fine with that its like this game dosent need more updates its like the updates are all done lol any ways keep up the great work.
  69. raccoon master: I'm really enjoying the game so far but I got no further details on what happened with people complaining about after downloading the game and linking thier Facebook account that almost immediately there was a 3rd party trying to sign in devs just say they don't do that but provided no more information other than a vaque no anyways it's a cool game smooth nice and rewarding kinda though there's nothing really drawing me back to the game other than idle rewards.
  70. Timothy Warren: This is a lot of fun and the currency reward system is very generous. Love. Recommend..
  71. Riley Anastas: Ftp friendly easy and fun play 15 mins per day and enjoy.
  72. monkeyhammer619: Devs deleted the top ranked player twice and provided no explanation. But were happy to keep the money he paid. Buyer beware.
  73. Tesota Denni: It fun.
  74. Seth stegert: cool.
  75. Kristy Hanson: Amazing game, graphics are amazing super fun, however I logged in today to find my data had been wiped, I was level 500 and had S teir equipment, very disapointing coming from such a good game.
  76. Damian Choi: Pretty good.
  77. Charlee Nepia: Meh.
  78. velvet Lord: It was very good.
  79. Babz: Refunded every cent. This company tried to hack into my Facebook account, be careful what permissions you give them. EDIT AFTER DEVELOPER RESPONSE: Facebook asked me to change my password as your App was noticed using my Data and I even got email Scammers sending me messages for lost money after I installed your game, but they all disappeared after I denied permissions and uninstalled..
  80. Khu Thao: its really good cuz the graf.
  81. Daniel Oboro: This is such a fun game.
  82. Bruce Parry: I literally hate this game this is my first time downloadin tells me to login the password Baddest game stupid creator.
  83. Shane Oster: Alright..
  84. Super Static: Awesome game!.
  85. Daniel Munnings: Fun.
  86. Jarp: Good game.
  87. Siddhartha Mukherjee (Sidds): How does one upgrade the weapons? It keeps saying need materials, but doesn't say what materials.. :(.
  88. Video Game Montagination: this game is as epic as the ads say, it's fun, somewhat easy to progress, and it plays quite well... I like it!.
  89. Liam Strickland: Just amazing so easy to play but not to easy has alot of grind involved Andi love how you can talk to other players I could advise having more then one good way of getting gems but all round amazing game should make it co,op mabey.
  90. Use CodeM3K: Game freezes for 20+ mins on a iPhone 8 while redownloading the game at least 7 times with the Same problem not good for a dev team!.
  91. UltraDD Playz: really good game and so addicting.
  92. J.A. Estrada: i Love it so much.
  93. Andrew Sykes: Bussin.
  94. Roxann Kelly: Love it.
  95. Daniel Wood: Really fun game. Lots of upgrades and customisation. Surprisingly not too easy given its an Idle game.
  96. Jamie Noh: Good game no paywall.
  97. demonic_ _gamingYT: amazing quality please bring more games like this.
  98. Philip Kilworth: an awesome game to play as your first RPG.
  99. Cody Brienesse: really good graphics.
  100. darren pereira: Great F2P game. Easy to understand and play. Gives plenty of rewards to keep yourself engaged. I'm already hooked..
  101. Abel velis: love it 😊.
  102. Slice of Ham: nice.
  103. Douglas M: 확실히 타격감도 좋고 소액 결제만 하더라도 할 맛 나는 게임인 거 같네요. 근데 결제할 때 겜 갑자기 꺼지면서 돈만 빠져나가고 팩은 안들어오네요? 맥이 훅 빠지네요...
  104. 권오문: 아주 젬나게 하고있어요 무과금들 화이팅~~~~.

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Android bezonata: 5.0.
Taksi: 25626.
Enhavo Taksado: Everyone 10+.
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Programistoj: mobirix.
Voĉdonoj: 4.3.
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