Prison Escape: Pin Puzzle Mod

Prison Escape: Pin Puzzle {HACK/MOD}

Helpu Andy eskapi!. Prison Escape: Pin Puzzle Mod v2022.2072

Ĝisdatigo: 31/03/2023
Kosto $: SENPAGE

Elŝutu Prison Escape: Pin Puzzle Mod 2022.2072 por android apk kaj iphone ios 6.0

Riparu la tirajn dratojn en la ĝusta ordo kaj helpu Andy venki obstaklojn kaj eliri el malliberejo!
Helpu Andy eskapi el malliberejo solvante kompleksajn enigmojn.

◉Trejnu vian man-okulan kunordigon

=Ludaj Trajtoj=
◉ Senpaga kaj facile ludebla!
◉ Pli ol 150 belaj kaj defiaj enigmaj niveloj
◉ Super amuza muziko, sonoj kaj fiziko
◉ Uzu vian cerban IQ por solvi nivelojn
◉ Ludu iam ajn, ie ajn!
◉ Intuicia grafika UI kaj kuraĝigoj

Senpaga Elŝuto Prison Escape: Pin Puzzle {HACK/MOD} por Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Grandeco: ) - Versio 2022.2072. Liberigita sur . De EO.VNMOD.NET. Helpu Andy eskapi!. Disvolvita de OVIVO Games. Postuloj de operaciumo 6.0. Teen.

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Nova komento

  1. Jellord Hiseta: alright!.
  2. Pam Foldenauer: Easiest swagbucks offer wall I've ever done. After about the first 100 levels or so, all the other levels are recycled, and new levels become rare. As long as you multiply your coins and develop your city, you can easily accomplish this in a week. Some of the ads are kinda broken, but otherwise the game isn't a full waste. The character skins look like the came from the mind of Matt Groening, which is awesome..
  3. Abdalla R S Elbana: All ads. Horrible game not fun at all.
  4. Alekhya Kanchuboina: good.
  5. Cody Chrismon: so far so good.
  6. Kenneth W Viar JR: Awesome game.
  7. Christopher Robinson: All ads.
  8. Chandu Patil: nice game.
  9. Randy Toye: This company is horrible. Using tapjoy to play their games for rewards and I don't receive awards when completing games by this company. I'd avoid their games. Also their games are pretty garbagey..
  10. Carol Moore: keeps the brain going.
  11. King Stuff: I played this on airplane mode, due to the ad reviews. It's an easy game once you take away ads..
  12. Ranny Ray Matildo: Worst game ever!!!.
  13. Faraz: This is app is not downloading.
  14. princey puti tekowhai: It's not always as easy as it looks, it has it's fair share of Ad's but not as bad as other sites, main thing is that it is fun..
  15. Seeni Mohamed: Nice game.
  16. Hidokage 6: it passes the time but is really buggy.
  18. wesley choo song fei: Can't use hint.
  19. Layla Ehsan: Good.
  20. Lisa Lanham: Amazing game.
  21. Russell Rizzo: They do not pay out the rewards and refuse to answer you when you file a compliment.
  22. Giulio Dionisi: So bad.
  23. Markus rhodes: tots.
  24. Tabatha Amos: Love the game.
  25. Michelle Deel (Chel): clever game..
  26. Andrea Durivage: Gucci.
  27. Moises Villanueva: its an alright game im only really playing this for tapas ink so I can read some comics on their app.
  28. MALEK SAMEER: good.
  29. Ragingcatz: Completely uninteresting and unplayable mess of a game. For every 5 seconds of playtime you get 30 seconds of ads, not to mention that retrying a level, exiting a level, and denying a "limited time" free skin also gives you an add. Has a tycoon mode that gave me whiplash for having nothing to do with the actual game itself, only servicing another way to feed you more ads..
  30. Rosemay Watson: good game.
  31. Josh Warren: It's Kool and fun to play but I'm lost on what I'm supposed to do after I get the first set of building completed ?????.
  32. Dione Biley: I enjoy the game, but tons of adds. I played the game through Swagbucks to earn 2000 sb once I've reached 60,000 coins. I have 130,000. And no swagbucks??.
  33. Owen Cloud Jr: Wholly piss there's a $#!+ load of ads in this game..
  34. Juelz Smit: Kwaai.
  35. Abdulai JAGITAY: l love Prison Escape app it pays alot.
  36. Gener Mantuano: good game.
  37. shabu kn: wow super nice game.
  38. Katy Mae: Its a fun game just way to many ads.
  39. Felisa Vargas Hudierez: Way cooler.
  41. Andrew Smith: It's really hilarious how the whole ad issue in games is evolving. More to the point, how out of control it's getting. So I'm playing Prison Escape and the 1st ad comes on. After the 1st level! Keep in mind I've only played for 5 seconds. But instead of 1 ad, it's 2 ads now! So then I hit the X and it takes me to the Play store. So I hit the back button and it takes me back to the ad which makes me wait another 8 seconds for the X then back to the Play store. 3 minutes of ads to play 5 secs!🤣.
  42. Frankie Soh: It's a fun game!.
  43. Carl Dollery: Little robbers I got the 30000 coins required through golf clash apps Ur a joke of a company just like golf clash 😡.
  44. Driftless: Awful game with ads every 2 seconds, If you have an offer for this don't bother because they do not pay out either..
  45. Worth It Store: fun.
  46. Khemraj Karki: nice.
  47. Mustafa Austin Powers: cool..
  48. Saif Ali: On of the time pass app.
  49. Coco Eggers: Dreadful. I downloaded thia app to earn diamonds in dash adventures. Challenge was earn 40,000 coins to get 60 gems. Each level will just give you 17-23 coins and you have to watch a 30secs ad to multiply that to 5x imagine wasting time to complete this. You can stick the 60 gems up your behind! If there's an option to give 0 star I would give it to you..
  50. Phillip Wilkie: Game is ok, its interesting, not 2.99 interesting. However cutting the game play out. Essentually its an ad pit. You end up watching more ads then playing the game. If you skip ad stuff and say maybe later they'll play and ad anyway. Truth is Im here from another game called Idle Miners which had a bounty of 56,099 in game currency. Which is about $250 USD to play your game. Also thats a lot of currency. The gold system is bad. Its not increasing with each lvl which sucks hard. Really a bad game.
  51. Aidan Langlie: You have to watch an ad to process your house..
  52. Chioma Ogwe: a tapjoy offer. not exciting enough for me..
  53. David Verma: very nice game.
  54. BAV Records Official: That's not a game.
  55. Clinton Laurete: its fun.
  56. Lowell Simmons: However I do like the game play. It's just that after one play it goes straight to the ads. What's the sense of trying to enjoy playing the game continuously without interruption of an ad I'm about ready to uninstall it. It's a good game I would hate to let it go..
  57. Sacer Malum: "OH, You're not going to watch ads to get that 5X bonus? Lemme make you watch another ad for free then".
  58. Sanju Ghosh: Nice.
  59. Marites Eleazar: nice game and easy yo olay i used to play this for past time and also earning points.. keep it up 👌.
  60. otis norman: Good game.
  61. Margot Green: This is a series of constant adds with 5 seconds of gameplay thrown in here are there.
  62. Rana Ali: nice.
  63. Barbie Thackston: cool game..
  64. Brook Butcher: its was ok but it was glitchy ....
  65. William Paylor: Wonderfully entertaining.
  66. Chris Webb: a game that is what it is. a pin pull game. very fun.
  67. Angelical Ish: Adverts with a hint of game, might have been fun. After every clear, advert, at the start advert, after houses advert Zzz.
  68. Darrell Shavey: fun and easy to play.
  69. John Hamilton: Good game.
  70. jimmy jackson: fun game.
  71. Randy Urdiales: Decent game but is always gliting like when I play an ad for 5x coins but it doesn't give the 5x coins.So I watch two adds for nothing.So overall wouldn't suggest..
  72. Red Jackson: F*-k your cash grab, loser.
  73. Salte Aguanta: good.
  74. MSMSheeple: Only got first 3 rewards through AyeT then spent 20 hours watching 800 ads every game to not get paid. My time is wasted..
  75. Tracy Grieve: Too many ads, play a game get an ad, want to x's your coins get an ad but coins don't get multiplied, want a hint get an ad but get no hint. See where I am going with this? I get the app is free and ads pay for said app but come on you watch more ads than game play maybe every 5 levels get an ad..
  76. Sufiyank4R: I hate this game ye game nhi ads hai😠😠.
  77. Donna Leighton: not too bad usual pull pin mind challenge game.
  78. John Quigg: it's a fun game so far.
  79. Annamay Rivers: Pretty cool I like trying to figure out the puzzle only problem I have with it is the ads it has ads even when I don't ask for help for ads I say no thanks and it still shows me ad and it is making my phone lag.
  80. Sumit Kumar: Amazing.
  81. Mattison Jordan: Signed through inbox never did get my money.
  82. Tasha Deuel: I like the game but it's the same levels over and over. I'm past level 300 because I thought it would let me build more buildings but now it just say coming soon. Make it more interesting. I don't mind the ads because 90% of them are only 5 seconds long. More ways to earn coins would be good too..
  83. Trilochan Gaming: nice application for.
  84. Jennie Manar: Fun puzzle!.
  85. Debrah Ranieri-Smith: Great game to play..
  86. John Smyth: cool game.
  87. Lone Wolftress: I'm playing this game through BOINTS and y'all are not responding to emails about owed reward credits.
  88. Royal Challengers CLUB india warriors.: Not a good game for men.
  89. Silver Age: Scammy pos has offers on just about every offer site and DOES NOT PAY OUT ANYTHING ON ANY OF THEM...avoid this scammy garbage.
  90. First Name Last Name: Too many ads. Not that fun to play.
  91. Ashley Washington: I didn't find this game to be challenging until I reached level 70. The puzzles are very short and boring, at least they were to me. You'll find yourself spending more time watching ads since that seem to be the main content of this game. Sometimes the objects you had to move through a level were unresponsive and often the game would crash leading to me having to restart the whole game. Until something changes would not recommend this game..
  92. Kik Sharpe: I played 3 days straight to get 60,000 coins but inboxdollars isn't paying out.
  93. Jessica Jacobs: Its actually a fun game i hope i can win some real cash from playing at least and that its nit a scam..
  94. Shadow Writer: There's no way to get past level 13 and no way to play previous levels, the game is not only pointless but useless as well..
  95. Jen Vargo: Fun game just unplayable with an ad after every level.
  96. Debra Brewbaker: The challenge to this game is getting through the ads. The games are easy, but to increase your reward, you have to watch an ad. Play a 5 second puzzle, watch a 30 second ad. I paid $3 to remove the ads, but what it DOES NOT tell you is that only removes the ads from the "replay" button if you mess up and want to start over. All other ads are still in place. Don't waste your $3..
  97. Raymund Barro: nice.
  98. Darrell Potter: Way too many ads. An ad after each level. An ad if you restart a level. This app easily has the most ads of any game I've ever seen. I have literally played for hours and only hit 7K coins. I DL'd the game to get minutes on text free but I have to reach 40K. If it weren't for the constant barrage of ads it would easily be a 5 star game. Don't waste you time. Uninstalling now..
  99. Vikas Yadav: vikas yadav op.
  100. Safeek 786khan: nice game.
  101. Kolofs: Bought no ads for 3 dollars and I still get ads, scammed don't play this game leave 1 star reviews I also somehow get negative coins.
  102. Chauhan Vishal: hii thanks.
  103. Monika Pazda: More ads than game play, don't waste your time!.
  104. Pradip Waghmare: Agar aap fire pass application chahie download kar rahe ho to please mat karna 🥺🥺.
  105. Bryan Shackelford: This game is nothing but adds if you like watching adds this your game.
  106. Ariel Rodriquez: Its pretty fun.
  107. fatalbiteN: Sad, i haven't got me gems...... still waiting i spent a lot of time on this! Where are my gems.
  108. PARAMESWARAN P: nice.
  109. J F: Got to level 62, have beaten it a dozen times, but it just keeps loading and doesn't count it. Shame cause I was enjoying the game..
  110. Youri Houston: Low key FAS and addicting.
  111. Amir Mahmud: good.
  112. Chris Brodmerkel: Very engaging, thank you.
  113. Lian Ahmed: nice.
  114. John Ryan Gonzales: I hope I get the offer, because this was introduced by the ad connected to my main game, so let's see in the end. And by the way nice game👍.
  115. Grant Cahstun: Money system started to break after 12000 coins. I also got to level 300 only for the sign to tell me coming soon. Can I get 300,000 coins compensation?.
  116. Rajesh Gupta: Op.
  117. Sapphire Kennon: This game sucks it forces ads even when you say no thanks. I have beaten level 62 3 times and it will not go onto the next level. Basically the game is unplayable.
  118. Kyla Torbitt: There's a bug or something that needs to be fixed where coins are not awarded after level completion, even if you watch the ads for 5x coins. Been missing out on at least 3000 coins for the last day. A couple dozen levels..
  119. Cory McGuffin: Let's say you're trying to get to 60k coins as soon as possible and you spend 5 seconds per puzzle and you play an ad after every stage to get the 5x coins... Each ad is 30 seconds (sometimes less) and will get you about 100 coins (after your bonus). You'll need to go through at least 600 stages, probably more. Multiply that times 35 seconds and you'll get about 6 hours of play time to reach 60k coins. Oh and you get ads even when it's in airplane mode. Edit: I've lowered it to 1 star d/t bugs.
  120. Oni Evangelion: Boring predictable game but don't pay for the remove ads feature your still watching ads and wasting 3 dollars..
  121. Mhummad rahal: On level 200 hundred, as soon as you'd unlock the city, it starts lagging out like crazy..
  122. Jessica Wright: Character keeps getting stuck. Also when I get character past arrow their is bug where win doesn't count..
  123. Suol Drift: Too much ads. It's not even one minute and it shows ads already after a level, or when I try to click to go else where it shows ads.
  124. Torie Made It: Easy enough little game. Just wish they would credit you the Coins when you see an Ad. What happens is it'll grey out till it's at 2x , instead of 5x. Then afterwards another Ad plays. It goes back and it repeats the same thing until you have no choice but to click ' No Thanks'. This doesn't happen all the time but frequently enough. Also, if there's a Pop-up for no Ads then why did it play 3 in a roll without crediting you?.
  125. Brian: The game makes you sit through tons of ads. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! THIS GAME IS A SCAM!.
  126. Buzzy B: Not a game, just an ad farm..
  127. LaY NuH: Enjoying the game thus far..
  128. Hazel: Simpsons ripoff art, unappealing skins, riddled with ads making the game infuriatingly unplayable, plus level 62 is legit broken, so I can't collect the prize I downloaded this game for. Not recommended.
  129. Gggg: good.
  130. Shaun Buys: Some how I am now on - 2450 coins yes minus and if u don't have enough coins to upgrade the building u unable to upgrade so not sure how I got to minus 2450 coins.
  131. j spencer: You hit "no thanks" not to see the video and they show it anyway just sad.
  132. Carla Hoockens: The game have a problem in the level 62 i solve the stage and they didn't let me move to the level 63 why..??.
  133. Sheila Skeen: super fun.
  134. Mike O'Brien: Yeah.
  135. Erikbro26: I FOUND OUT HOW TO GET RID OF ADS - Game Sucks, an ad plays after every level, BUT if you press the home button after you beat a level, no ad plays!.
  136. Heather Reynolds: Too many ads! Can not do anything without watching an ad..
  137. Bryson Sizemore: This is dumb don't play it its filled with adds and it's. Not that fun.
  138. Sheila Cannon: I just started playing. Seems cute and interested in finding out how the game progresses..
  139. Marion Johnson: I Love this game. 😀 ❤️.
  140. Robert Gray: fun time killer.
  141. Kirt James Pelowski: it fun and easy. excellent game.
  142. Kamz K: Same problems mentioned by others. Too many ads, multiplier doesn't work sometimes, coin gains come up short every time, game glitches and closes, and muting the sfx doesn't work either. After reading the other reviews and the dev's generic copy and paste responses (while flaws are still unresolved) it just doesn't seem like they care about their app or user's experience at all. Zero stars..
  143. MVP Montalvo: Gh.
  144. Alternate Mindset: I began playing this for a Swagbucks offer, and did not enjoy the game immediately after trying. There were moments I had to restart a stage since the character would cross the end but the stage wouldn't complete, or restart when the rotating platforms wouldn't turn. I had problems watching ads for more coins, as I would click to watch only to not be credited the first time. This is not a fun game, and felt I have seen more ads than the game alone..
  145. Don Rex Bendaña: Nice game.
  146. Jonathan Black: Kind of fun, but only if you're willing to spring for the ad free version. I couldn't take that AFTER EVERY SINGLE GAME. Still, I think it's worth it. The game sucks you in and you get these little manic episodes bingeing through levels trying to break this poor guy out of jail. Thumbs up..
  147. Enrico Rizky Pratama: Gua download cuma buat nyelesain misi top eleven.
  148. Estella Justice: fun.
  149. Dsting leader: Fun.
  150. Marlon: It's a piece of shite.

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