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Retro Goal [MOD – HACK]

Piedbatu ĝin 90-a stilo!. Retro Goal Mod v0.9.11

Ĝisdatigo: 20/03/2023
Kosto $: SENPAGE

Elŝutu Retro Goal Mod 0.9.11 por android apk kaj iphone ios 4.1

RETRO GOAL estas kombinaĵo de rapida kaj ekscita arkadpiedpilka agado kaj simpla teama administrado de la programistoj de la popularaj sportaj ludoj NEW STAR SOCCER kaj RETRO BOWL. Ludu la unuajn 10 ludojn senpage, poste malŝlosu la reston de la ludo kaj batalu por gloro!

Kun grafikaĵoj inspiritaj de la plej popularaj 16-bitaj epokaj futbaloj kaj la precizeco de modernaj tuŝekranaj kontroloj, vi atingos golojn kun piksela precizeco. Elektu teamon el la plej popularaj ligoj en la mondo kaj varbu superstelulojn, profesiulojn kaj furiozulojn, kiuj kondukos vin al venko – tiam prenu plenan kontrolon sur la tereno kaj faru ĉiun tuŝon gravan realaĵon!

Senpaga Elŝuto Retro Goal [MOD – HACK] por Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Grandeco: ) - Versio 0.9.11. Liberigita sur . De EO.VNMOD.NET. Piedbatu ĝin 90-a stilo!. Disvolvita de New Star Games Ltd. Postuloj de operaciumo 4.1. Everyone.

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Nova komento

  1. Monhjargal Monhjargal: Great game nice😎😎.
  2. Zack F: Good.
  3. gyna danial: This game is good but kepper dint catch the ball because he know how to catch the ball.
  4. Mubarak ajibola Yusuf: The game is good but please not all of us have money to spend on games so pls remove unlimitd version.
  5. Ryan: Cool retro feel to it. Right off the bat they say it's a little taste of the 90s. Love it. Came to this as a long time enjoyer of the developer and his work in retro bowl -- a very early adopter there, great game . This one plays so easily and close to football, as a big soccer fan myself already, it does have a fab functionality.
  6. Jayden Neri Shannon: This game sucks retro bowl is better I love retro bowl why did they make retro goal it's to boring lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
  7. Nathanael Toussaint: Another stellar production. Love it! Just wish it had defensive play as well..
  8. Gannon Errinta Putra: Cute graphics but with terrible control. It copied the idea of QB passing on retro bowl. But somehow it simply don't work. And the worst is you won't be able to maintain decent team unless you always win titles..
  9. BroCohen 800: PROS: Very exciting gameplay, good graphics, good quality, Hundreds of numerous teams to pick from. CONS: Laggy gameplay, short player contracts, insufficient game credits, limited gameplay, in app purchases, gameplay becomes Expensive after ten matches. Please fix this. 💔.
  10. Ian Fitch: It's pretty fun. Better than FIFA.
  11. DKL NATION: stupidbassnhell.
  12. Rose Williams: I think there should be a change you can play the full game not like one season and also create a hockey game.
  13. Gustavo Xavier: Tem até Libertadores e Copa do Brasil kkkkk muito bom.
  14. maymayster: controls are a little difficult since you could accidentally kick the ball when trying to change direction while dribbling..
  15. Ezekial Chavez: Pretty good game.
  16. Peter Mitchell: Great controls that are easy to get used to and I love the retro style an gameplay machanics, but I give one star because after a few in game weeks,(not real life life weeks) you have to pay to carry on playing.1/5. Horrific. Make it free.
  17. Earnest Jackson: Good game but have to pay for full version... I wasn't aware of that... BUT retro bowl is fire.
  18. Natty Archer: Very fun game n tried alot of different soccer game but none have been this good u sould definitely try it out..
  19. Ryan McDivitt: Great game. Lots of fun. Cheap price for Unlimited so I didn't hesitate to buy it..
  20. Blixx IRL: I have this game and retro bowl u should make retro ball it basketball i. Would love to playy that to plzz text me back u can make that game and sponser me in the game.
  21. evan bradford: It's all fun for adults since they can buy the best players and for my phone I get to match 11 and have to pay to get to play the rest of the game and as me a kid who can't get a job yet it is frustrating and since it is a good game kids like me can't play most of the game.
  22. Anas Massaadi: Fun app, like this and Retro Bowl.
  23. Aleks Mil: Garbage game. Clunky controls where keybinds interfere with other keybinds. Sometimes I swipe fast to dribble fast, but then my Player thinks I double-tapped to shoot the ball. You NEVER gain enough money to have enough players on your Team lol. You earn like 50 bux each Match, and at the end of the season you have to re-sign your players that are 500 bux each. You have to resign your Coach, your Trainer AND re-build your Stadium + youth academy + Training facility. What is this game 💀💀💀💀💀.
  24. nathaniel hawkes: just trash.
  25. Gedeon Campos: You should add the fifa club world cup.
  26. Bruno Lafleur: Ice Hockey next ?!.
  27. Oscar Lindsay: its cool.
  28. Matthew Haines: Get 5 star players. Pass to outside the bottom or top of the 18. Curve it into the goal without fail every time. The goalie is painfully incompetent..
  29. Desire Galvarro: No way.
  30. Divanshu Mahajan: Good.
  31. IoSoS ReZoReK: I'm bias, I love the retro games... Not to familiar with soccer, however I know the basics... And this is definitely in my new rotation of gameplay....
  32. Alien_Boi_1: The gameplay is decent but I'm not paying 99¢ just to continue playing an ok game.
  33. Davion Brantley Farabee: Gotta pay for the full game.
  34. Juan Carlo Antonio: Go For Glory, Go For Goal..
  35. Diego Linares: Tridoga fart pooga dripgatter Ismael hidhoga fart foga zasimal fart catter.
  36. Dwyane De leon: I love this game because its pretty simple and it's easy to get goal.And please make an my career on this🥰🥰🥰.
  37. Tebalelo Seakamela: Very nice game.
  38. Ike Akachi: It's a cool game I just wish it more nature controls.
  39. Aj Optimus: Fun.
  40. Michael Wiggins: Simple. Fun. Awesome.
  41. Rashad Abdullayev: 👍👍👍.
  42. Eli plays: So fun.
  43. ko Koko: Very amazing game and it will be more better if the national teams are added.
  44. Francesco Bruttomesso: Much better than FIFA or PES, the best football game since Sensible Soccer..
  45. Iain Gemmell: Great fun!.
  46. Uriel Rosales: Beautiful game.
  47. Anil Naik: We can play only 10 matches. If this app had no purchse this app had 5 rating by me 😔.
  48. toxicsimit: This sucks not a balanced game at all.
  49. J.C. Nelson: Love the game. The only gripe I have is that when the other team scores a goal, the player should get the ball back. Too many times I'll just randomly get scored on 2-3 times in a row without being able to play and it'll ruin a match..
  50. Boban Ivanovic: Great game to pass the time. Looking forward to continuing the league play!.
  51. Rosaire Cagney: Good.
  52. Yau Nathan: Honestly, paying the 8 dollars is worth it. Fun retro game!.
  53. Christopher Skennerton: Great game to grab and go,love retro bowl love this!.
  54. Joe Fisher: Hard to play, unfair AI and told me I only get 10 games until it isn't not free? Bad move. Love Retro Bowl BTW.
  55. Quinn Harder: solid game. would love to see added features such as viewable season/career stats for all teams, team captains, fan favourites, and ability to play defense!.
  56. Stan TheMan: Cool game.
  57. Jeffery Champion: It's fun and the gameplay isn't bad either dope game I bought the unlimited version 😁.
  58. Suburban Hell: It feels like this game is forcing you in a pay to win situation. Retro Bowl is one of my all time favorites, but Retro Goal makes it needlessly difficult to maintain your teams..
  59. Benjamin Carron: GIVE US THE FULL FIELD!.
  60. FLARZ87: Actually got the mechanics to be good if the right game developers got their hands on to it but its awful how its made now.
  61. Player Mikky: Great mini game.
  62. Litz Jean: 🔥🔥🔥.
  63. Kenny Martin: Fun soccer game. Easy to learn, hard to master. Very in depth franchise mode. Love updates..
  64. Jonathan Boxall: These guys produce simple, but fun games. Could you add national teams so you can play in the continent, as well as world cup?.
  65. Aidan Healy: No updates for months.
  66. Jayden Torres: But why do I have to buy extra dlc?.
  67. Reinaldo Espinosa Rodriguez: Excellent gameplay, lovely game, bad sell policy given a try and forcing the user to buy it after..
  68. Justin MartineZ: This game has so much potential. I would really want too see a world cup in this game.
  69. Mohammed Muddassar: Ok.
  70. Julian McKenzie: Once you get a handle on the controls, the game is pretty cool.
  71. Tevon Martinez: I loved the game! I've never liked a game as much as this game. I only have one problem with the game and it's that you have to pay after 10 games and my parents won't let me buy this. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!.
  72. Charlieisaplant: Was my new favourite game until the 11th week. It involved money so I just deleted ot.
  73. Destiny Benson: I think this is an amazing game, but it does have its issues. I can't get past the fact that the ai regularly cheats, making a number of illegal tackles per game. It's also not fun when the ai can score 2 or 3 goals without even giving you a chance to retaliate. And of course there's the insane player resigning costs, forcing you abandon what are usually key players in an effort to stay afloat during the season. Other than that, the game is great, and I do suggest buying the premium version..
  74. VakisB: I love this game!.
  75. Naeem King: Has potential, controls are a bit clumsy but functional, but let's face it: Retro Goal (way moreso than Retro Bowl) make it damn near impossible to build a great team without pouring tons of hours into it because you're losing players and coaches every few weeks, gotta keep an eye on when the absurdly expensive and short contracts expire, no warnings for coaches either! Retro Bowl was manageable but pushing it on their $ model, Retro Goal's too frustrating, easy to give up after a few hours..
  76. Master Ten Ten: I really like that game but I wish that game had a gamepad support.
  77. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn: Loved it!!! It's much more intuitive than Retro Bowl and I love that game. Keep doing what you're doing. I'll keep buying..
  78. Andrew Greve: Addicted!.
  79. trutle_man127 ?: Fun game love it.
  80. Lina Lopez: I think it is really fun 😄! The only thing that I don't like is that you only play striker..
  81. Shawn: Much worse than I expected after really liking retro bowl. Also you can only play 10 weeks for free and the opponents score on literally every chance they have and their keeper is saving shots like neuer..
  82. Nelson Gonzalez: It's fun and all but I'm ain't paying no money to keep playing.
  83. nadabase Lungu: Good but not good.
  84. King Jaymz: Old retro game is fine but I uninstalled it because of control.
  85. Elliot Muir: Really good game but a shame I had to pay to play more than ten games.
  86. the forgotten squad: Cant play the game.
  87. James Stubbs: Absolute blast!.
  88. Gerald Wood (Geraldo): Phenomenal.
  89. Catalin Stetco: Please add a 90's commentary to it! PLEASE!!!!.
  90. sSocketballs no: The game is very very good but when your enjoying it they just start begging you for money if you want just put some more sales no pain included.
  91. Doug Long: I'm a retro bowl and a retro goal fan for life. Hoping that new star games comes out with a basketball game and that they make you be able to play defense in their games. Other than that I love both games..
  92. Jayden Basikoro: Games actually amazing in almost all aspects but what put me off is the fact i have to pay to continue to play.
  93. Soso Chkhaidze: pretty good.
  94. Ayden Chan: Potential, no doubt. Me paying for a game? As if, the price only scares free players and keep the money-makers, if you want to play the full game, don't bother even trying to play, waste of space is all that it is if you don't pay....
  95. Stephen Wood: A classically brilliant game, warning its addictive.
  96. Manhandlin' Randleman: Outstanding game, expected nothing less coming from the same company who made Retro Bowl. Would love to see some customizable features down the line like jersey edits, etc. It would also be awesome to see maybe golden boot winner type metals, HOF, etc. Similar to Retro Bowl. Easy 5/5, every soccer fan should get this. Edit: Happy to see that they added a HOF! I only wish that you could retroactively add players who set records before the HOF was included. 6 stars if they can make that happen..
  97. Ty Braucher: It used to be not that good when it first came out but now its pretty good I guess. I would like to keep playing but you have to pay to continue..
  98. nick: Very addictive.
  99. Anwesh Dutta: Please release the full game in free access.
  100. Sop Sop: Look, retro bowl is an easy 5 stars, but this game, not so much. You have to pay to play more than 10 games. A bunch of people say the mechanics are hard, but for me, they're not too hard. If you remove the paywall, I will definitely rate 5 stars.
  101. Alexander Parker: If I could rate it a minus I would... whoever thought about this as an idea for a game even if it is maybe a thing of a test-run, should be arrested!!.
  102. Sam Lee: Uninstalled just after starting first match. Didn't even finish first half. The controls are worst controls ever. Only touch screen and no controller or buttons on the screen. When I slide left the player move right to my own goal. When I slide left the player pass back to my goal or to corner. It's totally unplayable. Worst controls. And then I see it says after playing 10 matches have to pay for the game. Pay to play. But i already Uninstalled before finishing first match. Worst football game!.
  103. Ian Kedward: Good fun.
  104. tsis: Bro this is so mid why the heck does the player not go after the ball when its near him bru.
  105. xx spriral bow: Terrible terrible and terrible you can dribble all of the player sre stupid and score own goals for fun and if u lose 1 mach you get sacked so if there was a zero this game is a big fat 0.
  106. Jami Schmidt: Really fun game, not being able to advance after week 10 without the full version? Seriously! Please do fix this..
  107. Evan Jones: It's a fun little time waster, HOWEVER...if you change teams to a top tier team like Real Madrid, you start off with the talent level of a 3rd tier league in the United States. It makes the game not fun and I'm going to stop playing..
  108. N Silva: This is an amazing game, highly recommend checking it out. I'm not into soccer but this game is really fun. You do have to pay $0.99 after playing 10 games if you want to continue, but it is worth it..
  109. PROMISE SAMUEL: Good game... Nice graphics.. but you guys should try to put our best players there and players are too expensive to buy.. please you guys should fix this.
  110. Joe Mama: I really like the game like a lot but I have to pay 1 dollar to continue that seems kind of rude because the game is really fun all the mechanics are easy but it would be more fun if it was free to pay all the way but if you read this please keep it in mind..
  111. Fun Times: Great fun game.
  112. Mitch L: Just like Retro Bowl it's addicting and fun. I didn't hesitate, a buck is worth it!.
  113. Kevin Gillespie: I supported and continue to support Retro Bowl but this is just rubbish. The controls are uncomfortable, you can't play the game with these controls, it is so unrealistic. If the controls were different I would give it 5 stars but now its just unplayable.
  114. Atli Mak: I hate that you have to buy a pack to continue playing the game.
  115. Ulises Cardona: It's not letting me buy carrer mode plz fix it.
  116. martin aceves: It really sucks that you have to pay a dollar to get the whole experience 🤬🤬.
  117. Travis 'n Joy: Meh. Make Retro Baseball..
  118. Andrew Cole: Great game!.
  119. Eric Spratt: Great presentation. I love Retro Bowl and this game so much. I hope to see more customization features in the future. It could surpass Retro Bowl's customization by including the striping patterns featured on certain teams..
  120. Maddax Soles: Good game but have to pay right when your team gets good.
  121. Fred Iannone: Love it but just wish I didn't have to lose my 38000 in credits when I switched phones.
  122. Holden Marable: So much fun. Absolutely worth the $1..
  123. Alex Panzner: Graphics are pixelated and poor. But overall a fun game. Multiple complex controls..
  124. Eric John Meehan: Fun!.
  125. HAMDI HAKEEM: Game is great but if its pegi 3 why are you forcing us to pay after ten matches.
  126. Grayson-Aaron Goodwin: You can't even get a goal without it saying saved.
  127. John Clark: After I finished week 10 they didn't let me play the rest of the week's because I have to get the unlimited version for it what if I don't want it and I want to continue playing the game can you guys fix that for me.
  128. Fred Russell: Fun game runs soomth.
  129. Omkar Tiwaskar: The office rule is so broken, Ted Lasso understands it better than the game. Players with 2 defenders between them and the goal get flagged as offside, it ruins the play..
  130. POPZ53: I don't like soccer but I like THIS game 😂👍🏾.
  131. David Ambrozi: Graphics, SFX, and controls all are great but it SUCKS that you can never see or defend against your opponent. You just have to hope luck is in your favor that round..
  132. Carlos Nevarez: It's funny how I have to PAY to continue the game. For retro bowl it's a whole different story. Because of this reason I'm giving it a 2 star. The game play is clean and smooth.And it has no ads but me having to pay 1 dollar to complete the game is bad..
  133. Michael Riordan: so kewl.
  134. Andrew Napier: I love RetroBowl, and although this is different, its great too! Unlike RetroBowl, you need to manage your cash... you can buy better players with real money, but its not necessary to win. Controls are fine once you're used to them. I'm sure there will be improvements and update in the works... but please make it so a shot on goal that the keeper deflects goes out, instead of it just sitting on the line :) Love your work!.
  135. Internet Referee: Super fun for a couple seasons and absolutely worth a dollar, but somewhat easily mastered and pointless to open after that. On the highest difficulty I score 95% of my opportunities and it could be 99% if I took some time to set up something. You could make it artificially challenging by not having any star players or telling yourself you're only allowed to score headers or something, but if you ain't about that life don't expect to get more than four seasons in before it gets stale..
  136. Toka Thabane: Wow this game is super nice 👌 do not think it's cartoons it's unique ✌️.
  137. Ollie Mitchell: The gameplay is good. However, the cost of retaining your players is crazy. The game shows their value as being much lower than the cost of actually keeping them under contract. I am losing my best players every week as they are just too expensive. It makes the game unplayable past the second season. It also isn't realistic for the price of keeping players to be comparable to the price of signing them..
  138. kasan2040: The game lets you play 10 matches and then you have to pay like 4$ to continue playing. It should probably be worth 4$ on the store itself so i don't waste my time other than that the game is great. If it didnt ask me to pay to continue playing after i already install the game this review would be 5 stars. The gameplay overall is great except for maybe the dribbling its slow and boring, you can also just lob the keeper from anywhere. In conclusion if you pay the money this game will be great.👍.
  139. Linehan17: Nearly on a par with retro bowl. The coins, which seem more important than in retrobowl are slow in coming. Also, transfer values are quite heavily imbalanced meaning you'll always lose at least 50% of the coin value of player when selling/buying players..
  140. Kristian Ristevski: I had to buy something to play the rest of the game.
  141. Dennis Ida: It is fun to play. Just wish it would have st. Louis MO. Team stl city sc.
  142. AHMET EGE ÇARIKÇIOĞLU: Nice game to play..
  143. Kyle Pollitt: Fun game!.
  144. Anthony Sanchez: Its a good game overall but they need to get rid of the paying money to play the whole thing as its 10 free games then you have to pay they don't do that in retro bowl which I think is favoritism.
  145. Stephan Ngenda: Make it free becuse most people probably won't play if needing a purchase FIX YOUR GAME.
  146. beoshailja Singh: Bro the game is good but can you tell how to unlock career mode. Please help 🥺.
  147. nihar chandrajith: Really good game but they make it more free..
  148. Obed Soto: Cool game. Need a retro one for basketball.
  149. Rich Melin: Epic game.
  150. Tomer Vered: A big fall off after the excellent retro bowl Full of monetization Fun game though so I can't give it 1 star.

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