Weapon Master Idle Mod

Weapon Master Idle [MOD/HACK]

Neaktiva RPG kun diversaj kapabloj. Weapon Master Idle Mod v1.0.7

Ĝisdatigo: 01/04/2023
Kosto $: SENPAGE

Elŝutu Weapon Master Idle Mod 1.0.7 por android apk kaj iphone ios 5.0

‘King’s Garden’, regno kie mekanika civilizo disvolviĝis uzante abundajn mineralojn kiel energifonton
La heroo, kiu aperis kun la orakolo, komencas aventuron por venki la 'Pipe World' kiu atakas la naturon kaj la regnon kun ŝiaj kunuloj.

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Vi povas kolekti ĝisdatigajn rimedojn per diversaj enhavoj kiel Konkero, Trejnejo, Defendo kaj God War por kreskigi vian Kavaliron kaj kunulojn.

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Spertu senfinan kreskon kiel armilojn, dorlotbestojn, kostumojn, relikvojn kaj kunulojn.

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Senpaga Elŝuto Weapon Master Idle [MOD/HACK] por Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Grandeco: ) - Versio 1.0.7. Liberigita sur . De EO.VNMOD.NET. Neaktiva RPG kun diversaj kapabloj. Disvolvita de mobirix. Postuloj de operaciumo 5.0. Teen.

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Nova komento

  1. Branden Carroll: Very choppy and not very fun.
  2. Ronnie Harris: Excellent.
  3. Shaun Knighton: No way to disable chat, multiple $14 "passes" that paywall character skins, and an overall experience that is ultimately not much different from other idle games published by Mobirix. The fade to black and disabling of the menus during boss encounters is also really annoying and having to confirm you want to Merge All every single time is really tedious..
  4. Binary Recoil: I'm American. I can't use my own gamertag because apparently in some other language "oi" is inappropriate. You slave loving societies make existence hell for the rest of us. Which didn't end up mattering since the game broke and could not pass 1-6..
  5. Anton Ablomas: Nothing new..
  6. Troy Aikins: Dumb..
  7. Mr Man (eh): typical idle cash grab, minimal things to do.. bored after 10 minutes..
  8. Jeffrey Xiong: Pretty boring and lame..
  9. Victor _: NICE.
  10. Ko Ok: This one of them games where you battle at the home screen and you have a system of upgrading your stats to boost your power and the chance to summon weapons pets etc.
  11. Alec C: Clone of so many other games., doesnt do anything better..
  12. Jackie Tran: 20230314 Dạng auto clicker. Nâng cấp vũ khí đánh quái lặp lại..
  13. LJ Mercy: It's really really boring with very little content. Probably one of the most blah idle games I've tried. The transitions are terrible and I agree with everyone about the fade to black. There's just not enough substance to play another day to see if it will improve with time..
  14. Laurent: Running smoothly and I love the bg music.
  15. Minh Luu: Game hay nên chơi nhé chị em. Đồ họa anime đẹp, nhìn gọn gẽ không rối mắt.
  16. Kataru: Error server?.
  17. Juan Martinez: Good game so far. UI is clean. Animations and progress seem fluid, nothing is breaking so far for me. After some time, the game really starts to lack content, still no events, nothing was made for the launch of the game, it's stale and little to no engagement from the developers. Can we get 1 event this week?.
  18. randolf ropal: i give 5 ⭐ because it's nice to play but my there are still some bugs I hope you fix it then I hope it will be better in your next update just keep it up so many people will play it.
  19. LJ Hook: I DO NOT Recommend this game. They will ban you for progressing too quickly. "Abnormal Activity" they call it. The only abnormal activity are the bugs at game launch. Not the fault of players if initial launch game flaws gave first-to-install a boost before fixed. Why punish the players?! *EDIT: as of Mar 1, 2023 reading that many players are complaining they are getting banned for no reason. Beware progressing too quickly! CS has yet to respond to my ticket. Regardless, will no longer play..
  20. Hamza Hussain: Game launch day they had a bug and without re-roling it they kept banning people, I topped up more than 300$ all gone and no response from the dev team..
  21. Czian Mavy Matundan: it's really fun from the and there's tons of nice things but the things seem unfair in ranking because there's tons of cheater and cheating.
  22. Jun de Castro: Super Boring!!!!.
  23. Jake Whaley: Could use a summon all button but otherwise great.
  24. Christian James Lopez: I don't like the transition that fades to black screen when going to a boss fight. It will also prevents me on what I am doing on the other menu on the main screen when there is a boss fight. Very bad idea..
  25. Pande Leeds: Terrible game. Gameplay is awfully boring. Early game is disgusting bad. Can't get companion until stage 5! What are you smoking dev?? That's too long! Not recommended at all..
  26. G4ruda: Lag af, too much animate for idle game.
  27. Purple Dark: I like this game so much worth of waiting.
  28. Charles Baterna: Laggy.
  29. Denny Trisetyo: You guys have to seperate the summon system notification at chat, it makes lags so much and ends quitting the game from someone get A-Tier weapon and above, despite of all that its a good game..
  30. Gypsy Love: This game gave boring a whole different meaning to ol gaming. I do love idle games but not too much idling. All you do is watch, tap this tap that, no stages and no strategy you just stare at it.
  31. Jeff Carrier: Stop the fade to black during play. It is so annoying. It hides the entire UI every few seconds. Terrible idea..
  32. arki viaje: Cant even login..
  33. Jonathan Dalut: Can't log in, im stuck on loading screen..
  34. Jenny: Only giving 1 star for now. Can't play the game, can only log in with Apple ID.
  35. タントラ •-•: Love this game !!.
  36. Carlos Garcia: still not working after reinstalling ,reopen, Opening screen stuck.
  37. God Grim: Can't log in.
  38. Enthrilda Vellethyst: Unnecessary online integration results in unplayable game due to server sync issue..
  39. Im Dii ツ: Good game,nice detail game..
  40. Noel Yap (Yikes): Nice game so far. Disconnection issue was fixed in a timely manner..
  41. glen entrolizo: It keeps telling me to restart the game.
  42. Rz07 Dyte Cliemorht: Kinda fun and easy I don't have anymore obstacles and maybe If I play it more It's ganna be boring if there's no suprise in there but I keep my expectation on this. I hope my review don't change later....
  43. Sheikz: Can't sing in with google account. 1 hour to crate a apple id in android. Then, the game crash before starts..
  44. Ereffein: Can't even login.
  45. Jay Lorro: Trash always get dc when equipping skills or upgrading it . Just close this trash game.
  46. ゆきYuki: always reconnecting even though my internet is stable so that I can't proceed.
  47. Cody: Terrible animation makes this another lack luster entry into the bland myriad of other idle rpgs that have very little to no soul. It just doesn't look good or feel exciting to play. There's no feeling of weight behind any attacks, the frame skipping style of movement doesn't do the game any favors it makes it look very cheap and rushed. I could name at least 2 dozen idle rpgs better than this just from the top of my head..
  48. Ultron Nite: Worst game ever made chou.
  49. DaddyJemz Gaming: Generic idle game.
  50. Junie Celestino: I cant log in...using my google...1 star only.
  51. Kevin Lance: To idle nothing to do.

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Versio: 1.0.7.
Android bezonata: 5.0.
Taksi: 550.
Enhavo Taksado: Teen.
Instalas: 10,000+.
Produkto: .
Programistoj: mobirix.
Voĉdonoj: 3.3.
Interaga: .
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