Radiation Island Mod

Radiation Island [HACK/MOD]

Radiation Island estas postviva aventurludo en grandega malferma monda medio.. Radiation Island Mod v1.2.4

Ĝisdatigo: 01/04/2023
Kosto $: 2.99

Elŝutu Radiation Island Mod 1.2.4 por android apk kaj iphone ios 5.0

Radiation Island estas postviva aventurludo, kie vi kreas vian propran destinon en grandega malferma monda medio. Kiel parto de la Filadelfia Eksperimento vi blokiĝis en paralela, alterna realeco. Malkovru ĉi tiun novan kaj misteran mondon, kun ĉiuj ĝiaj surprizoj. Uzu ĉion, kion vi trovas por postvivi ĝin kaj solvi ĝian enigmon por reveni al la reala mondo.

Sekvu vian propran vojon en medio de mirinda beleco kaj giganta amplekso. Esploru grandegajn arbarojn loĝatajn de danĝeraj lupoj, ursoj kaj montaraj leonoj. Esploru forlasitajn vilaĝojn kaj malnovajn armeajn kunmetaĵojn, kie zombioj gardas esencajn ilojn, armilojn kaj indicojn pri la sekretoj de ĉi tiu mondo. Vi povas eĉ naĝi kaj plonĝi, se vi povas eviti la malsatajn krokodilojn.

Ĉasu sovaĝajn bestojn, fiŝkapti aŭ kolektu fruktojn por venki malsaton. Mino por rimedoj kaj meti armilojn, ilojn kaj bazajn veturilojn. Trovu kaŝitajn trezorojn, ekipaĵojn kaj pafilojn por triumfi en mondo plena de danĝeroj: radiado, anomalioj, severa vetero kaj furiozaj zombioj.

Spertu la plenan tagnoktan ciklon kaj alfrontu la danĝerojn de mallumo kaj malvarmo.

Senpaga Elŝuto Radiation Island [HACK/MOD] por Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Grandeco: ) - Versio 1.2.4. Liberigita sur . De EO.VNMOD.NET. Radiation Island estas postviva aventurludo en grandega malferma monda medio.. Disvolvita de Atypical Games. Postuloj de operaciumo 5.0. Teen.

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Nova komento

  1. SASMAC Droid: I have had this game for a few goog years i have no complaints.
  2. Landon Roberts: It's not good I want a refund.
  3. Brandon Sokevitz: I can't believe this is a mobile game. There is so much stuff in this game once I finish the first island I thought that was it but no. I do wish there was better building mechanics but that barely a problem..
  4. Steve Yo: Looks like it would have been pretty fun, but I couldn't get past the "downloading assets" page on my Chromebook..
  5. X3MyonderXXX: Really fun love the open world concept overall amazing I've had no problems and I think the people who had problems are just weird great game thanks for making it:).
  6. JJ McCartney: The game is horribly janky and not in a charming way. The buttons don't work half the time either. Save your money..
  7. Conrad: The developer responses to the negative reviews/complaints is fantastic. I love it. As for the game, it's actually pretty good and fun. I own it on Switch and android. Definitely worth a play..
  8. Mayank Singh: Terrible controls,.
  9. Bootz Perkins: Enimies need major work total ui needs overhaul and most zombie type have a damn crouch button and u can sneak this nope u could be on the otherside of the damn island they know ur there good if not looking for a good experience.
  10. I AM AMF: Have finished the game with zero issues, must say, there aren't many good ones out their like this, yeah controls are a little clonki but on a controller and on my wireless charger I played 5hours straight without realising. Good game comrade..
  11. Aaron Siger: After seeing all the one star reviews I was hesitant to download this and try it. I should of trusted them. This game is an absolute pile of trash. It looks just awful, the audio for the game is just completely terrible, and the touch controls are way off making it unplayable. The responses to other bad reviews show you just what a low IQ moron made this game, probably in his mom's basement. A raccoon with down syndrome could of made a better game..
  12. Favorite 1: Hmmm.... Apparently doesn't work with my device. And reading the other reviews and the developer responses to those reviews, it's not worth the time or effort to try to get it to work. If i have to try a multitude of things to get the game to work properly, then the game is not up to par for being a modern game. It's broken if people with different devices have to do different things just to have a decent time with the game. 😒 You can respond however you want, it won't change these facts..
  13. Thomas Zachari: It keeps getting stuck after I get through 4 towers then I can't get any further in the game.
  14. Span Hat8: the game is super fun and beautiful and i put the game in full screen mode and have no problems dont let the bad reviews scare you away from this great game.
  15. -3toy: very bad.
  16. A Google user: It's a good game but there are other "good games" and this game is huge too so its laggy and takes up a lot of your storage.
  17. Balázs Juhász: I hope you fwill be able to fix this issue, its still a great game (5 years later) and it seems like you get a lot of undeserved hate in a lot of reviews :(.
  18. MB ARGHA Mainak: Superb game.
  19. Sami Upton: I was leery on trying the game out due to the comments and the responses that were received by the dev but went ahead and tried it the controls are off there's a glitch thing that happens after playing for 15 where it freezes on me decent game otherwise I guess..
  20. Dave: The free version plays awesome. However, the minute I paid to upgrade I instantly regretted it. It took FOREVER to install on my Nvidia Shield and the icon always disappears after install. The only way to launch it is manually through the system menu, but the controls are broken and you can't progress through the tutorial. I contacted the developers who seemed to be aware of this - even though the last update was 9 months ago! Don't waste your time or money messing around with this..
  21. Burtton Guster: Controls are really buggy. Hard to do anything..
  22. William Geary: Great game. You can see lots of work gone into game and developer keeps making improvements. Alot of salty people giving 1 star reviews. If you are buying this game take it as what it is and enjoy it. Brilliant.
  23. Sara Casada: I personally don't think I like the game I can't even play it.
  24. Ethan Kendall: This is a awesome game genually tie game I was looking for. No online connections is great compared to other open world games. Massive respect to the developers 😁😁.
  25. Soyer Gartner: Seems like its trying to combine aspects from a lot of popular survival games, but it feels like a bit too much in my opinion. The movement controls overlap making it feel clunky without gamepad. Also seemed like night was 2 stages went to sunset then without any sort of slow dim, BOOM pitch black; first time it happened to me I was on some stairs inside so it seemed like the game crashed..
  26. James Van cliff: Ok game i think i had the free download tears back but then and went a bought the game and there are different buying there modes and more to explore and free was i could do ot adverts but buying it no adverts and im on a mode where the animals dont kill me at all..
  27. Freedom Isn't Yours to Take: Only played this game because i was getting playpass for free. Wouldnt give this prik a dime of my money. Rudest developer of cookie cutter knockoff games i have ever seen. Game doesnt even work right half the time either. Needs to spend less time being a jerk on here amd more time patching this knockoff..
  28. Tony Maddox: The developer is a thin-skinned baby who can't take criticism of his garbage game. He's rude in his interactions with reviewers. Skip this pile of junk..
  29. Julia Smallwood: This is an edited review. I previously said that there was no settings, the developers responded, "Hmm, I guess it's easier to give a two star review instead of checking the game's menus, which you could have found if you bothered to open the in game notebook located in the upper right side of the screen.[sigh]" That didn't do anything. It doesn't matter that you have a setting menu if you can't get to it. So I was wrong. Don't be rude.
  30. Caleb Burke: I know it's a great game but it's upsetting I can't play on my s10+ UI makes it difficult. Nonetheless, if you dont have a edged phone I dont see why you wouldn't love to play it! UPDATE: Just saw the dev reply to earlier review saying how to fix the problem. Go to settings and turn off full screen..
  31. Wouter (Nod800): Runs well on S21 FE. Using Gamesir X2 (BT) controller (xbox mode). Everything top notch as expected from this dev. Keep building more like this!.
  32. ryland davis: Ui is far too tiny..
  33. DEEPESH KUMAR DEHARIA: very good survival game.
  34. Ryan Poe: The UI buttons are off center. You have to tap the bottom right corner of the buttons to register. Some buttons are by the edge of the display so you cannot move them. Especially if your display has curved edges. It makes gameplay extremely annoying. Don't listen to the dev. This isn't a problem with your device it's a problem with the game. You shouldn't have to change display settings. Not all phones allow you to force Fullscreen. ie pixel phones..
  35. John Daultrey: This game is very nice and well done. Beautiful graphics and entertaining. You boys did good here. The crafting is good, reminds me of skyrim. I built a house 4 stories and jumped down and broke my characters leg, lol. The controls are nice for a tablet and the game gives a fair challenge. I can't wait to try radiation city! I will add ideas down bellow. *their should be a fast travel point wherever the character sets a bed or house.when ever I tap screen character runs forward..
  36. Philip L.: Great game but there are graphical glitches, artifacts, no grass (??). I am not if it's because my phone display supports 120hz? Not sure really. I remember playing many years ago on my iPhone 5s and it felt like it just ran and looked better. Not sure why. Great work still and if you have any clue as to what I can do to fix this please let me know! Great game and great work!.
  37. Srj: Bad controls. Can't play.
  38. Michael Blanchard: I'm enjoying it so far I use moga controller. Would be even better in VR.
  39. Creepy Casey Strange: I was looking for something like A.R.K.( not enough space left on my phone to download A.R.K.) to play on my phone while im away from my playstation. It has been a neat little game..
  40. Andrew Lamb: It's a good game the touch is a little off center though. I love the backpack upgrades I'm maxed out and happy. I feel ypu guys could add alot more to the ge aswell. Increasing the spawn density for plants trees and mostly the ores would be much appreciated. And one major issue i have is the building it sucks none of my foundation,walls,celing floors ,or roof ever attach properly and it leaves gaps and costs more resources to fill by placing a second wall or floor etc.over the first one..
  41. Red Sierra: My progress was erased and the grass is missing. What happened? Please fix. The game was good until it broke..
  42. RayMilson: Alright so Idk what kinda tools and script languages your using in the office but the gameplay and controls are obviously not that good comparing to other survival games, even the cheap survival games got better controls, like have y'all not tested the game out to notice these problems?, I will name one of them, the furnace when you use wood to cook ores suddenly I see one wood in there that I can't pull out or use for keeping the fire going, also it's been 4 months since last update..
  43. Stefan: Today I started playing this game again and my progress is gone, I have no save data and the grass no longer renders. Nothing has changed on my side for the past year, I'm still using the same tablet. Very disappointed.
  44. Mike Blakeman: tisgood.
  45. No Buddy: The game literally doesn't even open after downloading the additional files in the Google store.
  46. CaptainCoconutz: Please make button bigger🥺🥺🥺.
  47. Wicked Knight (Player of Games): It's ok, but the ability to remap controller inputs would be insanely helpful and you give the option to edit the UI but even that could use some work. Has potential but still needs some work IMO.
  48. Memethrower 60: the gameplay was good bit with the non size adjustable buttons and the ui that doesn't work well with moving objects into your inventory from a box soured my experience and just made me not want to play it but yea the game is good but the ui is terrible.
  49. John David: 𝓡𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷 𝓘𝓼𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓘𝓼 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓑𝓮𝓼𝓽.
  50. Katherine Otto: The game is great! Don't listen to rhe haters.
  51. Christopher Watson: 👎👎👎.
  52. Baywe Liyang: Awow, great game. Missing the full architecture, I get a headache there. Great graphics, performance, cartographics and gameplay..
  53. Caroline Cross: Was really enjoying this game got quite far but one thing has ruined hiurs of play.the fact if u accidentally remove a floor on you building you have to take down the whole building but i couldnt get the roof off. It ruined everything ive spent hours doing. It should ask if we sure we want to remove just because it takes a hours to get as much stuff i had gotten.also the buliding floors are not wasy to place.im thinking of stopping playing just cos of this..
  54. Yvonne Wolfgram: I Uninstaller it to complicated, couldn't do it.
  55. Arya Dawud: First problem, the touch interaction with the buttons, you have to press on the right side of button for it to function. Second problem, the water is glitchy and sometimes turns into small green pixels. Third problem, in some occasions your gun or any weapon that shoots projectiles, does not shoot which leads me to getting killed. Last problem that I hate the most is the sensitivity, the y axis sensitivity is faster then the x axis sensitivity which makes it really annoying to look around..
  56. Skylor Craig: Very good mobile game. Some of the mechanics are hard to use. Nice knockoff of Far Cry but could definitly use some work on graphics and just plain mechanics..
  57. Brad Pies: Great game! Love the gameplay and the sound effects wearing headphones in the dark! The controls work great and the button size is great, not sure what people are complaining about..
  58. cpmars 11: Same thing with me couldn't grab the loot from the chests.
  59. Rhumple: You keep removing my review.
  60. 変態忍者: I've downloaded the app from the actual Google Play Store but when I enter the game it says the game is not licensed,my wi-fi connection is fine and I don't have any other problems with other apps that require wi-fi connection.
  61. Dramatic Rainbow: I'm unable to select items found in chests to move them to my inventory. I was successful once selecting the top left square but I'm unable to select any of the others. It seems like the position of the ui and the screen on my phone don't match up..
  62. TIGER: The game looks fun but had to uninstall it because the touch interface is not working well at all. 90% of the time I was busy with pressing the same button over and over again to do a certain action..
  63. Jennifer Callahan: Pretty darn near unplayable on a cell phone..
  64. Casey Germain: The devs seem really rude in their replies to reviews..
  65. Cole Mitchell: This game is retarded, the controls need be fixed because no one likes when the screen keeps turning after you stopped swiping on the screen, it needs to stop immediately right after letting your finger off the screen, and increase the inventory size, and stop messaging back on all these reviews trying to justify the small little mistakes that you put in the game that makes the game not fun. Think about what people want, not what you want..
  66. Stewart Gregerson: My favorite survival game at the moment. No ads, no bushit, just a game to play..
  67. Mabast Mhamad: excellent graphic , 10/10 for game controller and free roam.
  68. chezVee55: Amazing G.
  69. Danny Bellofiore: Controls are horrendous.
  70. Juan B: This is the best game I've played by far. Worth the price. Works on android 12! Kept me busy for a long while until I beat it! Galaxy Note 10+ Android 12 user here!.
  71. Noob Noob: Need improvement. please add setting for button size, 3rd person view distance and cloud saving..
  72. Rambo5727 Hoeksema: The motion controls suck big time. The game play idea is cool but nothing about it works right. Making buildings is beyond ridiculous. Nothing works right there eather. The touch interface dose not line up with wat u see on the screan, and the game often forgets what uv done like beds or walls or food... this game is 100% not ready to be played. Fix it and it should be ok..
  73. Josephin 521: Hi atypical games....I have downloaded this game. After this February update of the game-the grass mapping is gone...i cant reduce resolution to hd. Its showing only one option-Native.....Hope you will understand Players and radiation island fans. Please do an update with fixes. Remove in game download. Make OBB file version like old Radiation island......
  74. Sɪɴᴛʜᴀɴᴏᴜ Kᴇᴏᴠɪʟᴀʏ: downloading is Terrible.
  75. Lorenzo Thomas: Very addicting can be frustrating but only because i suck sometimes..didnt realize there were other freakin islands oh yeah. Great entertainment when alone in the dark with headphones. Great apk thank you..
  76. Jl John Araza: Hi I have a problem with the game I just paid and download it yesterday and when I open it's stuck at the download asset 34% not moving at all can u pass fix it I have a good Wi-Fi and space but it still stuck at 34%.
  77. Arrano_shimobe: Why can't I get a refund??.
  78. Satria Jacob: I'm deadly serious just check it by yourself tons of folks,,, i mean million download fishing game,, they're in search of good solid fishing game like good old classic big ol'bass,, ✌️😊.,,. And wow update.. didn't expect that....
  79. Nick: After playing for a week I down grade you to a 1. So many game breaking glitches its awful. My main problem besides almost everything is I CANT USE MY GUNS. I fire and the gun hits inches in front of my face.so no guns on the last island is just broken and not a fun time. Second is why do I hit through zombies destroying my own base ? Building is so awful and nothing really connects together so you have to put extra exterior walls up..
  80. Brandon Zumwalt: One of the best zombie app games i have ever played. I love it..
  81. joven lester apostol: If I delete the game, can I reinstall it again? Or I have to pay it again?.
  82. Samuel Watkins: Needs up date good game i like it but pour graphics all animals and zombies are glitchy looking and acting ammo is way to hard to find I've found guns and crafting it could be alot better and tell me why no vehicles roads but no vehicles at least a motorcycle would be nice lots of land no way to travel die to often to be worth anybodys time.
  83. nick morgunov: Forgot I even bought this game over 3 years ago now, honestly it has progressed so far and is one of the best mobile open world games, a few performances issues here and there but overall still 5 stars. This game especially is good on tablets.
  84. Oh Kayh: Ive been wanting to play Fallout New vegas, and this satisfies that desire pretty well. Its also got good Minecraft vibes, i really like it! Ive been playing non-stop for days now! Its so addictive! I really like the Huge open world!!!! With Gliders and boats! +Items that never seem to disapear!!! you can leave loot laying around if your INV. Is full!!! And the settlement building system is cool too!!! ***Please make settlement walls stronger, i keep accidentaly breaking my house....
  85. Herbie Valerius: Terrible controls; you cannot disable click-to-move, so you are constantly in a battle between this and the joystick/direction pad for movement. Disappointed..
  86. Robert Hoffman: I bought the game but it will not install and my phone is a moto power so I know it's not the phone.
  87. The Real Deal: I hate the controls. It's hard to navigate. Please update the game..
  88. Desario Jefferson: Still deleting my game as I perceive cannot save anything.
  89. Nasa Chan: I can't hit the target with the gun or bow. its hit the air like frame were problem or something. pls fix it. I barely kill anyone because of it. very annoying.
  90. Snake Plissken: I will update to 5 stars if a fix or reasonable work around is presented to me. after a few uses weapons DO NOT fire there projectiles and instead impact at the characters location doing no damage to the target. Unqip and requiping the weapon dose not fix this and is not a workaround. Other then that spot on epic great game would be simply the best the app store has to offer..
  91. Cecil Stewart: Game is just way to unplayable try to kill something game just lags non stop kill a rabbit game breaks pointless fix the issues I want my money back.
  92. Karlosthehawk: Open world awesomeness totally love it and radiation city but this one is the best am thinking of getting escape from Chernobyl but not sure on that yet but radiation island is a cool game and a great Tesla story.
  93. Aura Spejeraite: First of all, was fine for some time, then I couldn't kill anything, the guns not working, im wasting my time to get resources for bullets. And now I can't get the refund. Too many bugs..... And i dont wanna hear that you should reinstall or whatever... Because it never works on all games, thats developer problem not ours..
  94. Leah Lambert: Rip game.
  95. Ꭰᴀᴅᴅꪩ 69: The game is perfect for me.
  96. Curt Carson: Fantastic, love the game, surprisingly in depth story too but please fix the invisible wall glitch with the guns, I played the entire first island and middle island without issue but once I stepped foot on the top left island I was plagued by that glitch everywhere, the game was virtually unplayable on the later islands, after a few reloads the issue seems to have been resolved but I believe something about progressing to the next large island may have caused an issue in the coding.
  97. 黃成龍: Equipping and unequipping wep doesn't work, my shots are still blocked by something. Please fix.
  98. Cooper Davis: I haven't played this game in a while, when I tried using guns all of my shots are being blocked by an invisible wall that seems to follow me wherever I go. Please fix this ASAP.
  99. Tony Oon fu kiang: The first game I play till end game very nice.
  100. Tom Sigal: Looks cool but it never loads and crashes whenever I try to open it.
  101. Danielle Nyala: Radiation Island has kept me intrigued since first playing the demo.I never hesitated to purchase after two days of trial play and I plan on keeping this game for a while.I highly recommend every survivalist gamer play this game!!!.
  102. Yuki Scarlet (Kimi-kimi): Please developer in the next update optimize the game and add a female character even it is done please.
  103. BenayaNtr: The game is really good, just needed more instructions and some pocket space in game.
  104. zach waters: Wanna be rust.
  105. Jojow Barry: This is the best survile game ever good graphics and keep up the good work.
  106. A. M.: Finally got it to work, and finished the game. This game was an absolute blast to play. I hope you make more like it. Thank you!.
  107. Anup Tarafdar: Not installing this game.
  108. josh: Noice.
  109. TAOUFYQ IDSAID: I've tried every single 3d survival bushcraft game in the play store .. and this is the only game that i really loved and found it more similar to my favorite game (the infected) .. just one thing devs .. plz add more workbenches .. like planks making benches and wepons repairing and electrical machines .. to keep the game more dynamic even after clearing all of the towers and islands .. that's gonna kill it trust me ❤️❤️.
  110. Ahmad Faiz 98 (AHmad Faiz): Please give my money back 😢😢😢 because I don't like the game in Seven eleven yesterday.
  111. No Love: Issue resolved after a reinstall. My problem was not space. It was from me cleaning my data cache. Why that caused the issue I'm unsure. But now that I've had the developer reach out and my issue is resolved I'm giving 5 stars. GREAT graphics. I'll be buying more games from you guys. Thanks for actually responding. I appreciate that.
  112. Phoenix: This was one of the best survival game with horror elements back in the day..
  113. Mushreem: This game is very fun and it a extremely underrated mobile game. If you are looking for a great mobile game to really get into this is a great game to try.
  114. monkey club: Very good game top job.
  115. 11/11/16 -: AMAZING SURVIVAL GAME!!! I loved it so much i got the other two radiation city games. One thing i wish this game had was a mode to play on eachothers maps with eachother, gathering, and crafting. If this review gets to you, and you add this in- Id be in heaven.
  116. Chase Dizzie: A great survival game for mobile. The closest to Rust or something similar on PC/Console. Great graphics. Unfortunately for me and my Moto Gamepad, start doesn't work on and instead of triggers, it uses LB and RB. Various other issues pretty much break gameplay with a controller. Would really be happy to see another patch so I can enjoy the game again..
  117. Chris: To be honest 1 day that atypical is gonna make a fortune bc there the only ones in the playstore that has games like these and these are the type of games that people love to enjoy a full survival world on mobile usually most games are rip offs and never to be updated, make bad graphics, or hardley work hard for the game so people can actually enjoy the game. If any of you are looking a full survival game with a beutifull experience of playing a game like this well your lucky bc this is the 1.
  118. Yan: This game is one of the best survival games, I already completed the game and fell bored.. I hope there will be Radiation Island 2 with bigger open world and more thrilling missions with many hidden mysteries it's best can play multiplayer online or offline, PS. I don't like Radiation City feel like too messy and boring.
  119. Xenomex824: Amazing game but wonky controls.
  120. UK citizen: The character runns towards hostile mobs for no reason and gets torn to shreds and some of the zombies are really annoying and strong.
  121. Beth Brisbay: I love this game I played it years ago. Can't wait to get started.
  122. El Ditoro: Its a good game, huge world, able to craft, good graphics and controls. You will need alot of RAM to play this smoothly and take into account the CPU that your phone has. If your phone is good with both of those then you will have a great game. Its worth the asking price..
  123. Abat ManTv: I have paid for the game, and I tried atleast a hundred times downloading this, yet it will not download it, I need the refund..
  124. A Google user: Nostalgic to say the least.
  125. A Google user: Controls need a lot of work. Very glitchy combat, but it has potential if they put some work into it..
  126. A Google user: Did I just waste 1GB? The game doesn't even start it just crashes you need to fix this. This game looks awesome but the crashes... Please fix this.
  127. A Google user: What a kind developer they actually care to refunded your money I play the free one before now I buy the premium one and see the full game..
  128. A Google user: Hi! Why im damage in the last tower in first island.
  129. A Google user: I guess it's not that bad at all..
  130. A Google user: I used to play this game when I was little and it was the best game on the play n app store and it still is brings back nolstaigia.
  131. A Google user: Its a great game but it glitches... I cant move and cant shoot....
  132. A Google user: Please read and help guys I have had to leave comments here as can't on radiation city...I purchased the game a long time ago and explained it won't finish loading on my Lenovo yoga tab 3....please help fix this issue as I enjoyed this game but really want to enjoy your New One.... many thanks Legion616.
  133. A Google user: I would give it a 5 star but after I built up my inventory, armor, weapons and just started to get into the island the game glitched. And I lost everything. Playing on a Nvidia shield and not all controls work either (never could figure out how to pause or save the game without finding a journal. Then still no real stop)..
  134. A Google user: Really bad controller support. Why you need to use the touchscreen when you already connected a controller?.
  135. A Google user: This game is mad I don't understand why everyone is having a cry. It should be at least 4.5 stars. If you like Rust or just survival games in general this is the best you're going to get on an android and for it's price it's a steal. The controls aren't as bad as people say, I'm playing on my phone and I'm having a great time. This game has so much potential and I hope the developers know that the majority of people would love this game. Graphics are good too and you can higher it in the setting.
  136. A Google user: 이 게임은 모바일 플랫폼 중 으뜸의 그래픽을 자랑하며 수수깨기 같은 스토리를 방대한 오픈월드 맵을 통하여 찾고 좀비와 각종 야생동물 그리고 다양한 기후 환경에서 현실의 나자신이 아닌 게임속 주인공이 된듯한 몰입감을 선사하며 즐길수 있고 이 게임은 비쥬얼 뿐만 아니라 게임의 사운드 에도 상당한 공을 들여 제작한것을 느낄수 있는게 지역마다 게임특유의 정체성을 알수있는 배경음 그리고 다양한 부분에 효과음을 적용하여 절대 지루 하지 않았습니다. 만약 당신이 스스로 찾는것을 좋아하고 만드는 것 그리고 사냥 하는것을 즐긴다면 저는 이게임을 적극히 추천합니다. 절대 비싸게 느껴지지 않으며 언어 설정에서 한국어 설정후 그래픽은 사양에 맞게 하시는 것을 추천합니다..
  137. A Google user: How do I get the reaseat can't spell it How?!?!.
  138. A Google user: You better fix the animations in here its sucks but still a good game.
  139. A Google user: Absolutely fun and tons of game play. I don't know why it has such a low review. I play it in the Nvidia Shield that is how you have to play it. Probably one of the best games on the Android market. It needs a really good solid sequel.
  140. A Google user: Sorry to bother u , but overall game was great until I faced that bug ,I really like this game trust me it's first time when I like any Android game !👍.
  141. A Google user: Horrible.
  142. A Google user: Painfull and slow, bad graphics and sound.
  143. A Google user: I love this game. I was pay for this. 😁.
  144. A Google user: You can't click the buttons on the right side of the screen, it makes the game difficult to play Which is a shame cause it looks fun..
  145. A Google user: 5 -> 4 stars ... After upgrading to a bigger/newer phone, I've found the fixed-sized buttons are only just accessable if I reset my phone to a lower resolution ... This is not an ideal solution ... Still unable to access some tiny menu game settings. I am frustrated by this, since I want to continue playing the game..
  146. A Google user: Good day sir i want you to refund me i cant play your game its lag. Even though my Phone have 16 gb and 4gb ram.
  147. A Google user: What tipe of other zombies are there.
  148. A Google user: Graphics not so good.
  149. A Google user: Excellent game i just downloaded it on my LG V30+. Kind of reminds me of the Far Cry 3 with the island settings and crafting..
  150. A Google user: Just awesome.....Just a shame they never added bicycles would 've made travel less painful but still great fun finished 3 times now always come back and install when bored !!.

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