Settlement Survival Mod

Settlement Survival [HACK & MOD]

Vi estas la konstruestro de via propra urbo!. Settlement Survival Mod v1.0.33

Ĝisdatigo: 02/04/2023
Kosto $: 4.99

Elŝutu Settlement Survival Mod 1.0.33 por android apk kaj iphone ios 5.1

Settlement Survival estas pluviva urbokonstruisto kun fokuso pri administrado kaj produktado. Gvidu viajn homojn dum ili reakiras teron, semas kultivaĵojn, ĉasas bestojn, kolektas rimedojn, konstruas konstruaĵojn, komerci valorajn rimedojn kaj vastigas siajn hejmojn. Ilia sukceso estas la ŝlosilo por la prospero de via loĝloko.

Via loĝantaro estas la kernelemento de produktado kaj evoluo, sed atentu — plagoj de aliaj landoj, maljuniĝanta loĝantaro aŭ bebhaŭsoj povus renversi vian socion.

Minado, agrikulturo, konstruo, komerco — ĉiu evoluvojo ofertas siajn proprajn avantaĝojn. Elektu libere kaj ludu viajn fortojn por konstrui vian industrion paŝon post paŝo.

Ĉu mankas rimedoj? Ne necesas zorgi! Nur sendu karavanon por komerci kun diversaj proksimaj potencoj. Komerco estas ŝlosilo por la supervivo de via loĝantaro, ĉio malŝlosante unikajn teknologiojn kaj erojn.

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Lingvoj Subtenataj:
* English
* Français
* Deutsch
* русский (rusa)
* Español (Latin-Ameriko) )
* Português
* Polski
* lingua italiana (itala)
* Türk dili (turka)
* 日本語 (japana)
* 한국어 (korea)
*简体中文 ( simpligita ĉino)

Senpaga Elŝuto Settlement Survival [HACK & MOD] por Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Grandeco: ) - Versio 1.0.33. Liberigita sur . De EO.VNMOD.NET. Vi estas la konstruestro de via propra urbo!. Disvolvita de X.D. Network. Postuloj de operaciumo 5.1. Everyone.

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Nova komento

  1. Chrystal Rowe: I like this game except that easy is still way too hard. Make the easy difficulty actually easy and this game will be 5*..
  2. xXREAPERX x: 34 hours logged on a save and love every bit of it, I played the demo on pc and loved I only have 2 complaints 1 placing things kinda suck with how the ui for it is and milk holy God milk since you aren't able to use it to make butter alot of food is restricted and it kinda makes my happiness of my villagers suffer other than that 10/10 game love it.
  3. Bernard Kleyman: Probably the best settlement / survival game . It's basically Sims one or Sim city . Please add day night cycle . Real weather cause that is lacking. Few bugs here and there but this is v1. worth it.
  4. Gusti Ananda: Why can't login in the game?.
  5. Erilya Trilton: Great game, but some item can't be used. Egg and milk can't be used..
  6. Paul Valters: Very bad controls, laggy..
  7. Mandla Mtshweni: Great game but a few issues 1: game doesn't have a autosave feature so yyou have to save manually, 2: game makes device overhead very quickly 3: the camera movement controls are a bit jank NOTE!!! THE GAME IS STILL VERY PLAYABLE AND FUN give it a try... Bit expensive tho.
  8. Cherry Lou: I play the demo i love it hopefully you develop it more and more....
  9. ex alpha: I don't like the graphic style..
  10. Musyaffa Ismail: Best Time Killer game..
  11. Jamie Town: Very good game. The sandbox mode is specially fun. I enjoyed playing it.
  12. Dave Degeer: Too many things going on, little guidance, not sure how someone can play this on a smaller screen than me, I'm using a zfold4. A demo would have saved me 5$.
  13. derpyVfoxoX 6: Pretty solid game loads pretty fast and has plenty to offer and is now playable offline and has an auto login very nice.
  14. FunTastic Boy: Good game, have the same content as the windows, but pleas I CAN'T PLANT COFFEE and I OWNED the seed..
  15. John Abasolo: The game is good but I want you the developers to add more detail in the texture and design of the buildings and the map,also can you add in the map size a 'HUGE MAP' because the Map size large is still small. And also pls add warfare mechanics in the game so player can play and expand more and add more wild animals or maybe add different variety of predators also in the disaster mechanic pls add an invasion and also pls add some AI settlement that we can interact or attack..
  16. omar sepi: The demo app is easier when it comes to trading goods; you can see the number of your item in the trading post, while in the official app, you first need to check your inventory to know the number of that good. I hope you can fix this problem..
  17. D P: Awesome banishedvania game that has a ways to go but structurally, its there. I have not built a colony that can adequately stress test optimization yet, but from what ive seen the team cares about this game. For anyone curious for further information go to the community hub page on steam. Im unsure if this version will have devlogs there but worth a look..
  18. Qi Daizho: I use to attempt to play this via steam link wishing it had proper controls. Played before final release and this was a great surprise to see pop up. Overall I preferred the old UI. I also appreciate a fair price for someone like me buying it again..
  19. Gage Stepek: Awesome!! Insta-purchase from me! How REAL games SHOULD be. No ads... You get the full city/settlement building experience. I sent an email. Allow us to zoom in closer to get a better look at the buildings and people. Second, is the ability to prioritize buildings during construction 1-4. Maybe an option to long press on buildings in the building menu to get a popup showing stats or a brief description of the building before placing. Some graphical errors/bugs. Phone gets hot on medium map. S21+.
  20. ZombieZom BaBrain: 5 star because I've been waiting for this game. now I can finally play. Will come back with updates hope it's as good as I imagine. Update: this game is exactly how imagined 👏 its perfect for time killing. I love it.
  21. Ishydadon: Game is just like Banished on PC so I love it all ready. However, there's no sound in game at all. Edit 1: Sound problem is fixed. Now it's a 5/5 👍.
  22. Sahala Muda: Overall so good, but it have more room to improve like pc version, hopes it get update to fixes the bug.
  23. Zul Fikor: Coba tambahkan multiplayer mode.
  24. Patrick Khan: I bought it but the game lags, it's at 60 fps and high graphics. This game is very slow. I use smartphones is POco f3, I just test the game if it works here. It's almost builds of city no lag in other apps, it's really fixed. I hope the lag in this game is also fixed here, is it unfair that I bought this game and then it lags? I've been waiting for this game, I thought it was free but the game is paid. I give 2 stars hope this is fixed..
  25. aoi shi: Overall is good. Need more higher quality graphic..
  26. Øvəřķįłł: Great game so far, ONLY complaint I have is controls are pretty wonky, difficulty panning over the map, or zooming in or out, navigation through the menu or settings menu can start to feel like a chore pretty quickly... but other than that, great game and amazing time killer, def recommend..
  27. irfan muhammad: The game sound does not appear on my phone. Even though I have set to full 100%. Is there any particular setting for this? Please help.. i'll change the star after this problem is solved. Thanks.
  28. Cameron Aberle: Finally! Been waiting for a game like this for a long time. They have made idle games with city builder aspects but idle games are terrible. I hope to see more games like this!.
  29. Tonez awesome: No sounds. Game doesn't save. I had restart also needing to login despite its an offline game. Buggy..
  30. Makayla Thomason: It's like the mobile game. The controls are still wonky and there's delay even on 60FPS. The settlers are glitchy and the AI is still pretty wack..
  31. Loncefir Wargrimes: Sound Bug Fix it. N i will give u 5*.
  32. Kyler Uhlenbrauck: It's fun I like how there a tutorial in the beginning the graphics are nice I also love how event like floods etc can happen and u also have an option to turn it off or increase them same with map size and difficulty.
  33. Hassan Shareef: There's no sound on this game.
  34. Gage Walt: The game is fun, and has a lot to offer already. It would be five stars if the controls were a little better for the phone, but overall it will be interesting to see where this game goes in future updates...maybe it'll go into the future and we can make settlements on other planets...or not who knows..
  35. Rh M: All good except no sounds coming from my phone, can u please check?.
  36. Victor Devapitakkul: Sound system not working. Fix it plz Thx u..
  37. Eeraba Mayanglambam: Sound is not working and the game cannot rotate pleyfix this.

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